Zong WhatsApp Package 2023 – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Zong WhatsApp Packages & Bundles 2023

Zong is Pakistan’s one of the largest internet service providers. It offers attractive internet packages and bundles for its users. Zong WhatsApp Packages are provided in many forms by Zong 4G. Zong packages are considered low cost and better in services.

Zong WhatsApp bundles are divided on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. One can subscribe by using a direct code or mobile app.

Zong WhatsApp Package Monthly

A Zong user can do video and voice calls to any network with Zong WhatsApp Weekly Bundle. This monthly package includes:

  • Video & voice calls
  • Video sharing and downloading
  • Picture sharing
  • Text & voice messages

Zong WhatsApp Package Monthly Price

Zong monthly WhatsApp bundle can be subscribed in 70 Rupees load at the consumer price. It includes 5 GB of data with one-month validity.

Zong WhatsApp Monthly Code

After loading the 70 Rs balance in your sim card, dial *247# to subscribe to the Zong monthly WhatsApp package. Dial *102 to check the status and remaining Mbs with 10+ paisa charges per inquiry.

Terms And Conditions

  • Out of bundle rate till validity = Rs 1+ Tax per MB
  • This offer is available for all Zong subscribers including postpaid, prepaid, MBB & Internet SIM
  • This offer is auto-recursive
  • Your Sim is your identity, only use sims issued through biometric verification-PTA
  • Unwanted and unethical messages can be reported by texting the sender’s number message to 9000-PTA
  • Below mentioned taxes/charges would be applicable
  • Sale tax(GST) of 19.5% applies on usage (if applicable)
  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) 15% applies on every recharge
  • FED of 16% applies on usage (where applicable)

Zong WhatsApp Package Monthly Unsubscribe Code

To unsubscribe Zong WhatsApp package monthly send UNSUB SM to 6464 and your offer will be deactivated.

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Packages 2023

Package NameZong Monthly WhatsApp
Price70 Rs
Validity30 Days
Unsubscribe CodeSend <unsub sm> to 6464 or dial *6464#

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Zong WhatsApp Package Weekly

Zong Weekly WhatsApp and SMS package is one of the most cost-effective Zong bundles. It is easy to subscribe to and offers multiple benefits.

Enjoy 1300 SMS and 200 MBs for WhatsApp with one-week validity. The consumer price for this WhatsApp bundle is 29 Pkr.

To check your remaining SMS and MBs, dial *102# and know about your usage status in a single click.

Zong WhatsApp Package Weekly Code 2023

To subscribe to Zong WhatsApp Package Weekly, dial *702# or send <sub> to 700. In the reply SMS, choose the weekly bundle by selecting the no 2 option.

Zong WhatsApp Package Weekly Unsubscribe Code

To unsubscribe Zong 4G SMS and WhatsApp weekly bundle send <unsub or unsubscribe> to 700. Your package will be deactivated.

Package NameZong Weekly WhatsApp Package
CodeDial *702# or send <sub> to 700
MB1300 SMS and 200 MBs for WhatsApp
Price29 Pkr
Validity7 Days
Unsubscribe Code<unsub or unsubscribe> to 700

Zong Weekly WhatsApp New Sim Offer

If you purchase a new Zong 4G sim, you are eligible for the Weekly WhatsApp new sim offer.
The new sim offer includes 4 GB internet (2 GB internet + 1 GB for Facebook + 1 GB for WhatsApp) and 1000 Zong minutes with one-week validity.
Dial *10# after activating your new Zong sim card to subscribe to this offer.

Package NameZong New Sim Offer
MBs4 GB internet (2 GB internet + 1 GB for Facebook + 1 GB for WhatsApp) and 1000 Zong minutes
Validity7 Days
Unsub CodeN/A

Terms And Conditions

  • Offer is available only on Prepaid Zong SIM activated (or ported in) from 1st November, 2017
  • MBB & Internet SIM are not part of the offer
  • Subscriber has to dial *10# once after activating the SIM to avail the incentive of 4,000 MB (Inclusive of 1 GB WhatsApp & 1 GB Facebook) & 1000 On Net Minutes for 7 Days.
  • Offer is subject to change anytime
  • Your SIM is your identity; only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA
  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 – PTA
  • The said SIM Card or personalized cellular number is and shall always be the exclusive property of CMPak
  • Data Resources are not available between 7 PM – 11:59 PM

Zong 3 Day WhatsApp Package

There are two types of Zong 3 day WhatsApp bundles a user can avail of. One is named Super Recharge Offer while the other is 3 Day Package.

Zong Super Recharge Offer is only available in South Punjab. Zong 3 Day WhatsApp package includes 1 GB data, 1000 Zong minutes with a load of 63 Pkr for three days validity. To subscribe to this offer, dial *3433# from your mobile. The offer will be activated if you have enough balance.

Zong terms and conditions also apply to this Zong bundle, including AIT, FED, and GST.

Package NameZong 3 Day WhatsApp Package
MBs1 GB data, 1000 Zong minutes
Price63 Pkr
Validity3 Days
Unsub CodeN/A

Zong WhatsApp Package Daily

If you are looking for a daily Zong WhatsApp package, then Daily Basic and Zong Data Max offers are the best options and If you are a jazz user feel free to check the best jazz internet packages.

The daily basic Zong bundle can be subscribed to for 23 Rupees and have 100 MBs. Dial *6464# and select the daily bundles’ menu to subscribe to this offer.

Package NameDaily Basic Zong Bundle
MBs100 MBs
Price23 Pkr
Unsub CodeN/A

Data Max bundle is for those who look for more flexibility. This package includes 1 GB internet (500 MB for YouTube) in 49 Rupees with validity of one day. It can be activated by dialing *5# or *6464# from mobile.

Package NameData Max Bundle
Code*5# or *6464#
MBs1 GB internet (500 MB for YouTube)
Price49 Pkr
Unsub CodeN/A

Zong Daily WhatsApp bundle is one more offer available in Rs 7+ Taxes. Offer can be availed by dialing *700# and includes 1 MB internet, 30 MBs for WhatsApp and 500 SMS.

Package NameDaily Data Bundle
MBs1 MB internet, 30 MBs for WhatsApp and 500 SMS
PriceRs 7+ Tax Pkr
Unsub CodeN/A

Zong WhatsApp Plus Offer

Zong WhatsApp Plus offers non-stop voice and video calls for a whole month. This package includes 5 GB of data for WhatsApp & IMO, 25 Off-net minutes, and 200 Zong minutes.

It comes at the 125 Pkr consumer price. It is easy to subscribe through code and Zong app. This hybrid bundles one of the hot deals of Zong 4G.

Zong WhatsApp Plus Subscription Code

Simply dial *4000# to subscribe Zong WhatsApp Plus monthly bundle and *102# to check status and remaining MBs.

Package NameZong WhatsApp Plus
MBs5 GB data for WhatsApp & IMO, 25 Off net minutes and 200 Zong minutes
Price125 Pkr
Unsub CodeN/A

Zong WhatsApp Package Conclusion

We have discussed some of the most used Zong WhatsApp Packages above. All the bundles are fresh and updated from Zong Pakistan.

Learn more about Zong Internet Packages to get the most cost-effective and best bundle as per your requirement.

How Much Is Zong WhatsApp Package?

Zong offers a monthly WhatsApp package of 70 Rupees which includes 5 GB of data. In comparison, another package named WhatsApp plus is available at 125 Pkr, which comprises 5 GB of data for WhatsApp & IMO, 25 Off-net minutes, and 200 Zong minutes.

How To Subscribe Zong Monthly WhatsApp Package?

Dial *247# for monthly WhatsApp package while *4000# for monthly WhatsApp plus offer.

How To Subscribe Zong Weekly WhatsApp Package?

Dial *702# or send <sub> to 700 to subscribe to the Zong weekly WhatsApp package.

How Can I Get Free Zong WhatsApp?

Previously, Zong was offering a free monthly WhatsApp bundle, but the company has abandoned the free WhatsApp service in the recent past. Free Zong WhatsApp service is no longer available.

How To Unsubscribe Zong WhatsApp Package?

Send <unsub sm> to 6464 or dial *6464# to subscribe Zong monthly WhatsApp bundle. This package is also available in Zong App.

How To Check Zong WhatsApp Package?

Use Zong app or dial *102# to check the status of package and remaining Zong Mbs with 10 Paisa service fee each time.

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