Why Does Instagram Crop My Video?

Instagram offers users a highly engaging and streamlined experience when it comes to posting videos on its platform. For those who identify themselves as video creators on Instagram, it's crucial to understand the three different types of videos
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Instagram offers users a highly engaging and streamlined experience when it comes to posting videos on its platform. For those who identify themselves as video creators on Instagram, it’s crucial to understand the three different types of videos that can be posted on the platform: posts, IGTV videos, and Reels. However, it can be frustrating when posting portrait videos on Instagram leads to cropping, causing a sense of unease. In this regard, it is essential to understand why this happens.

Instagram’s standard size for portrait photos or videos is an aspect ratio of 4:5. This means that any portrait photo or video with an aspect ratio that exceeds this standard, such as 9:16, would require cropping before it can be posted on the platform.

To avoid spending time troubleshooting issues with posting videos on Instagram, it is important to have a good understanding of the platform’s video requirements. This includes knowing how to properly fit your videos to Instagram’s aspect ratio standards and exploring alternative methods for adjusting video size without cropping.

The Reason Instagram Crops Your Video

Assume that you have captured a video of your niece’s birthday celebration and intend to share it on your Instagram profile as a post. Provided that you have filmed the footage in landscape mode, you may proceed without any issues.

Instagram offers the provision to upload a landscape video with an aspect ratio of 1.91:1. However, if the video’s portrait aspect ratio surpasses 4:5, you will have to crop it before publishing, which could be inconvenient.

An alternative approach is to post the video in the same dimensions on Instagram Reels. Nonetheless, Instagram Reels restricts the length of uploaded videos to a maximum of 30 seconds. If your video surpasses this duration, you will need to either shorten it or consider alternative methods.

Another viable option is to upload the video on IGTV, where you can retain the original video dimensions without any need for trimming or cropping. However, it’s worth noting that Instagram has recently announced the closure of its IGTV feature. Therefore, this option may not remain available for an extended period.

Guide To Fit Full Video Without Cropping on Instagram

If you desire to publish a video with an aspect ratio that exceeds Instagram’s conventional standards, you can achieve this with some straightforward steps. We have outlined these steps below for your convenience.

Step #1: Adjust the Size

There exist two distinct methods for resizing a video to suit Instagram’s specifications. In the following section, we will examine each of these techniques in detail.

Method #1: Use a Size-Adjuster App

Suppose you opt to utilize a video resizing application to modify your video’s dimensions. In that case, you will need to familiarize yourself with the application’s functionalities. Fortunately, many resizing applications provide an instructional section or an introductory video that can help you master the application’s usage with ease.

Typically, these applications offer user-friendly features that facilitate navigation and usage. To resize your video using these apps, you can simply search for a size-adjusting application on the Play Store or App Store, install it, and import the video you intend to modify. Subsequently, you can select your preferred video dimensions.

Additionally, some applications offer pre-set size templates that you can select from instead of manually adjusting the dimensions.

Method #2: Use White Background

Incorporating a white background is a practical approach to resizing your videos with ease. You can achieve this by utilizing an application such as Instasize. After importing your video into the application, you can select a white background with an aspect ratio of either 1:1 or 4:5.

With this approach, your video will play against a white background template that adheres to Instagram’s standard size ratio. Once you have completed the resizing process, you can export the video in the highest possible quality and proceed to upload it onto the platform.

Step #2: Upload the Video

If you possess a good understanding of Instagram’s user interface, uploading a video onto the platform is an uncomplicated task that can be accomplished through three primary methods.

The first approach entails navigating to your profile and clicking on the “+” icon. From there, you can browse your gallery to select the resized video that you wish to upload. Following that, you can add a captivating caption along with some relevant hashtags, and your post will be ready for publication.

Alternatively, you can access the Instagram camera by swiping left on the feed screen after launching the Instagram app. From there, select the “Post” button from the options presented below and choose the video you intend to upload. After that, you can proceed as you would typically do when posting a video on the platform.


The art of video creation for Instagram has evolved into a distinct industry that has garnered widespread attention. Whether you are a part of this industry or are looking to upload a video for your friends and family, there exist multiple techniques that you can employ to resize your video to Instagram’s standard size.

Among the various methods available, two prominent techniques are resizing your video and incorporating a white background template. Either of these methods will allow you to effectively adapt your video to Instagram’s size requirements, ensuring that your content will be displayed optimally on the platform.

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