Why Did Instagram Log Me Out?

Numerous Instagram users have expressed their discontent with the persistent issue of being logged out and prompted to re-enter their login credentials repeatedly.
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Numerous Instagram users have expressed their discontent with the persistent issue of being logged out and prompted to re-enter their login credentials repeatedly.

Frequent occurrences of this inconvenience can be exasperating, and the lack of comprehension as to why it is happening may cause further confusion.

Certain individuals have encountered this problem on multiple occasions and have resorted to venting their frustrations on Twitter, expressing their annoyance with the persistent and bothersome nature of the issue on Instagram.

There are several potential causes for this issue, with the primary reason being a bug present in your Instagram account. Additionally, this may occur when Instagram’s servers experience downtime or when you change your password on another device and are logged out of all active sessions. It is also possible for Instagram to log you out if suspicious activities or bot usage are detected on your account. Furthermore, outdated versions of Instagram or ongoing updates to the platform may also prompt logouts.

Why Did Instagram Log Me Out?

Encountering the message “You’ve been logged out of Instagram” can be an exasperating experience for many users of the popular social media platform. In such instances, users are compelled to enter their Instagram login credentials to regain access to their accounts.

The situation is compounded by the fact that most individuals tend to remain logged in and may not recall their login credentials, leading to the creation of new passwords in extreme cases.

It is important to note that facing this issue is not uncommon, and there are several reasons why it may occur. Let us explore some of the possible causes for this recurring inconvenience on Instagram.

Reason #1: Instagram is Down

Instances of Instagram experiencing service disruptions are not uncommon. During such periods, users are likely to face issues with accessing the platform, including being logged out involuntarily.

To confirm whether Instagram is experiencing downtime, utilizing a downdetector tool is recommended. If the tool indicates that Instagram is down, it explains why you are repeatedly being logged out.

Reason #2: Your Instagram Has a Bug

In the event that you have not updated your Instagram application recently, the frequent logging out you are experiencing could be attributed to using an outdated version of the platform.

Continuing to use an outdated app may leave you vulnerable to various bugs, which are often addressed by Instagram in the latest versions of the application. Therefore, if your version of Instagram is outdated, it is possible that the issue you are facing is due to a bug that has already been fixed in a newer version.

Reason #3: Instagram is Updating

Enabling automatic app updates on your device may cause you to be logged out of Instagram when new features are added to the platform.

It is possible that Instagram is in the process of updating, which requires logging users out to add new features and complete the updating process.

Reason #4: You Are Using a Bot

Instagram strictly prohibits the use of bots to artificially grow one’s account, and will take action by logging users out when it detects bot activity.

Logging out is a security measure implemented by Instagram to verify the authenticity of the user and ensure that they are human rather than a bot. Users are required to verify their login credentials when logging back in to confirm their identity.

Reason #5: Your Password Has Changed

Have you modified your Instagram password using a different device? It is possible that such an action could prompt the system to log you out of all existing sessions.

In the event that this has occurred, you will need to log in again using the updated password.

Reason #6: It’s a Security Measure

In the event that suspicious activities are detected on your account, such as accessing it from multiple IP addresses, numerous login attempts, or frequently switching accounts, Instagram may take the precaution of logging you out.

This is a security measure put in place by Instagram to safeguard your account until you are able to authenticate yourself as the authorized account owner by logging back in.

How To Fix It When Instagram Logs You Out

If you are frequently experiencing the inconvenience of being repeatedly logged out of Instagram, there are several solutions that can help rectify this issue. Please refer to the following recommendations to resolve this problem.

Method #1: Update Instagram App

If you encounter a bug while using the Instagram app, the simplest way to resolve it is by updating the application to its latest version. It is advisable to regularly check for and install updates to ensure optimal performance. The following steps will guide you through the update process.

For iOS

To update your Instagram app on iOS, begin by accessing the App Store on your device. Once there, click on your profile icon situated at the top of the page. Next, locate the Instagram app and select the “Update” button to initiate the process.

For Android

To update your Instagram app on Android, open the Google Play Store on your device. Tap on the profile icon located at the top of the screen, followed by selecting “Manage apps & device”. Next, locate the “Updates available” tab, and navigate to the Instagram app. Finally, click the “Update” button adjacent to the app to initiate the update process.

Upon completion of the update process, you may proceed to log in to your Instagram account and resume using the application as normal.

Method #2: Disable VPN

If you are utilizing a VPN to access your Instagram account, it is recommended that you disable it. The use of VPNs can raise suspicions regarding the authenticity of your account, and Instagram may interpret this as a potential security threat, prompting it to log you out repetitively under the assumption that your account has been compromised.

Additionally, it is advisable to refrain from using bots, which can also trigger security alerts and result in repetitive logouts from your Instagram account.

Method #3: Let Instagram Fix It

In the event that the issue with your Instagram account is due to a service disruption or outage, unfortunately, there may be little that can be done other than waiting for the platform to resolve the problem.

Once the issue is resolved and service is restored, you should be able to log back in to your account and utilize the app as usual, without any further issues.

Method #4: Stick to One Account

To ensure optimal performance and minimize the risk of security issues, it is recommended that users avoid frequently switching between multiple Instagram accounts within a single session. Instead, it is advisable to utilize one account at a time, and only switch to another account when it is deemed necessary.

Method #5: Remove Suspicious Third-Party Apps

Linking third-party apps to your Instagram account can potentially create problems, which is why it is recommended that users remove any third-party apps that are no longer required.

To do so, access your Instagram account through a web browser and navigate to the “Settings” menu. From there, select “Apps and Websites”, locate the third-party app that you wish to remove, and click the “Remove” button. Once this has been done, you should be able to access your Instagram account without any issues.


Experiencing frequent logouts from Instagram can be an understandably frustrating experience, as it requires repeatedly entering login credentials to regain access to the platform.

We have explored several potential causes of this issue and provided various solutions to help address it. By implementing these strategies, it is our hope that users will be able to avoid encountering this problem in the future and enjoy uninterrupted use of the app.

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