Why Can’t I Tag People on Instagram?

Why Can’t I Tag People on Instagram? Major social media platforms are known to experience occasional technical difficulties, and Instagram is not an exception. Currently boasting over 1.4 billion users, it has become one of the most popular social networks worldwide.

In the event that you encounter difficulties tagging individuals on Instagram, it is possible that there are several underlying reasons for this issue.

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There are several primary factors that could cause difficulty in tagging individuals on Instagram. These include inadequate or non-existent internet connectivity, Instagram server crashes, attempts to tag a private, blocked, or deactivated account, tagging from a newly created account, or reaching your tagging limits.

How Does Instagram Tagging Work?

Tagging someone in an Instagram post triggers an immediate notification for the tagged individual as soon as the post is published, and any subsequent comments or likes on the post will also generate notifications. Notably, these tags are publicly visible, serving as a means to showcase collaborations or contributions to the posted content.

Moreover, Instagram tags are frequently utilized to feature sponsored content, linking sponsors to reels or photos via a tag.

If you encounter unexpected errors while attempting to utilize this crucial feature, the following list can help you identify potential issues.

8 Reasons You Can’t Tag People on Instagram

Although there are numerous explanations for the inability to tag individuals on Instagram, the subsequent paragraphs will delve into the most prevalent causes in detail.

Reason #1: Instagram Servers Are Down

Instagram, with its vast user base of over 1.4 billion, must routinely maintain and update its servers and support architecture to provide a seamless and error-free experience for its users. Additionally, new features are frequently introduced, and when integrated into the app, they may cause server downtime.

Regional factors may also contribute to server malfunctions, as local errors or regional issues may cause server shutdowns in specific areas. In such instances, the best course of action is to wait patiently for the servers to be restored.

To determine whether Instagram servers are experiencing difficulties, Downdetector is a useful tool to utilize.

Reason #2: Poor or No Internet Connection

It is possible that the connection error preventing you from tagging individuals on Instagram originates from your end rather than Instagram’s. Insufficient or poor internet connectivity may impede your ability to connect to Instagram servers.

In this scenario, the most prudent course of action is to attempt to restart your router or internet device. If that proves ineffective, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and apprise them of the issue.

If you are utilizing mobile data, verify that it is functioning correctly. Restarting your phone or toggling airplane mode on and off may be useful in resolving the issue.

Reason #3: You’re Tagging a Private Account

Instagram features two account privacy options: public and private.

Public accounts are viewable and taggable by individuals, even if they are not following each other. In contrast, private accounts are not visible or taggable until both parties mutually follow each other.

In the case of attempting to tag a private account, Instagram will prohibit the action. The straightforward solution to this predicament is to forward a follow request to the individual. If they accept the request, you will be able to tag them going forward.

Reason #4: You’re Entering Incorrect Spellings

When attempting to tag an account on Instagram, it is essential to spell out the individual’s username correctly.

If the username is misspelled during the tagging process, the tag will not register as Instagram will be unable to locate the account being tagged. Instead, the tag will appear as plain text.

To rectify this issue, it is necessary to double-check the account’s name to ensure that it is spelled correctly.

Reason #5: You’re Not Adding the “@” Symbol

The “@” symbol serves to inform Instagram that you are referencing a profile. If this symbol is omitted, Instagram will interpret the text as plain text and not as a tag.

It is crucial to include the “@” symbol when tagging someone on Instagram.

Reason #6: The Account Is Blocked or Deactivated

If an account has been blocked or has blocked you, tagging the account will not be possible on Instagram. Similarly, attempting to tag a deactivated account will not be successful.

If you have blocked a user, unblocking them will enable you to tag them in the future. However, if the individual has blocked you or deactivated their account, tagging them is not feasible.

Reason #7: Tagging Limit Reached

Instagram permits you to tag up to 20 people simultaneously in a post or story. If you attempt to tag more than 20 accounts, Instagram will prevent you from doing so.

To comply with the tagging limit, it is necessary to manage and reduce the number of accounts you wish to mention.

Reason #8: New or Restricted Instagram Account

Upon creating a new Instagram account, Instagram imposes limitations on the activities, actions, and frequency at which you can perform them. It is important to note that account restrictions can occur not only with new accounts but also with established ones if they are reported.

If your account has been restricted, the best course of action is to wait a few weeks to see if the restriction is lifted. Alternatively, you can contact Instagram support for assistance.


If you find yourself unable to tag someone on Instagram, there’s no need to worry as this issue is common among users.

This article has gathered the most common reasons behind the inability to tag on Instagram, along with their solutions. Simply identify the cause of the problem and apply the suggested fixes. Now you can get back to tagging without any hassle!


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