Why Can’t I Repost on Instagram?

Why Can’t I Repost on Instagram? When it comes to Instagram, reposting differs from other social media platforms. Reposting involves sharing someone else’s story on your own story. Despite this, some users might not always have the option to repost on Instagram, leaving them to wonder why.

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There are several reasons why you may be unable to repost on Instagram. These include broken URLs, the repost feature being unavailable, the account associated with the post being private, sharing permission being withheld, glitches on Instagram’s end, and a missing profile.

What Is Reposting on Instagram?

Instagram’s approach to reposting differs significantly from other social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. Instead of reposting a post on your profile or feed, Instagram’s reposting function is limited to stories. There are three options for reposting on Instagram: adding someone else’s post to your story, reposting stories in which you’re mentioned, and reposting reels belonging to another account.

Reposting may not be as crucial on Instagram as it is on other platforms because Instagram aims to keep its users’ feeds personalized with content from accounts they follow, their own content, and individual posts. This unique approach is one of the reasons why users love Instagram. However, many users encounter difficulties reposting on Instagram, for various reasons. Let’s explore some of these reasons and learn how to fix them.

6 Reasons You Can’t Repost on Instagram

Below are six common issues people encounter while reposting on Instagram and quick solutions to resolve them.

Reason #1: Broken URL

If you are familiar with URLs, you are likely aware of this issue already. For those who are not, it may appear daunting, but it is relatively simple to understand.

When reposting using a URL, there is always a possibility that the URL is incomplete, outdated, or that the address it directs to no longer exists. This can occur because you are using an old URL that has been changed or removed or that there is an error when copying the URL, resulting in incomplete characters.

The Solution

To fix a broken URL, the best course of action is to navigate to the post you want to repost and copy the link from there. Once you’ve copied the link, verify that it is functional and accurate. After ensuring that the URL is correct, you can then share it where you intend to, which should resolve the issue.

Reason #2: Older Instagram Version

There is a possibility that your Instagram app is not updated, and as a result, you might not have access to the reposting feature. If you are using a mod or APK, there is a higher probability that you have an older version of the app.

The Solution

To ensure the proper functioning of your app, it is recommended to update it to the latest version. If you have installed the original version of the app, please update it through the Play Store or App Store. On the other hand, if you are using a third-party app, kindly update it from the platform where you have downloaded it.

By updating your Instagram app, you may unlock the feature of reposting, which was previously unavailable. Furthermore, other features that were not functioning correctly may begin working seamlessly after the update. Therefore, keeping your app up-to-date can significantly enhance your user experience.

Reason #3: You’re Trying to Repost From a Private Account

Instagram provides its users with two privacy modes, namely public and private accounts.

When it comes to reposting content, it is important to note that only content from public accounts can be shared. In the case of private accounts, except for the stories you are tagged in, you won’t have the option to reshare content on your story. This limitation is in place to safeguard user privacy.

By restricting the sharing of content from private accounts, Instagram aims to ensure that the user’s personal information is not shared without their consent. As such, users have the flexibility to choose the level of privacy that suits them best, thereby allowing them to share their content with the desired audience.

The Solution

One of the most prevalent reasons why users may find it challenging to repost on Instagram is the restriction on sharing content from private accounts. Unfortunately, this is a limitation that users cannot overcome.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to exercise due diligence before reposting content on the platform. To avoid running into the aforementioned restriction, it is advisable to verify whether the account is public or private. This can be easily done by conducting a search of the username on the Instagram website without logging in, which will indicate the account status.

By taking the time to check the account status beforehand, users can ensure that they are not inadvertently violating any privacy restrictions and can share content in a responsible and respectful manner.

Reason #4: Reposting Is Withheld

Instagram provides its users with the ability to restrict others from reposting their content, which is another factor that can prevent users from sharing such content.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that even if a user is mentioned in a story or post, they may still be unable to repost it due to the content creator’s sharing preferences. This restriction exists to respect the creator’s wishes regarding the dissemination of their content.

By providing users with control over the sharing of their content, Instagram aims to ensure that users feel comfortable sharing their work on the platform, knowing that they have the power to manage its distribution. As such, users should always seek permission before sharing or reposting content that belongs to someone else, even if they are mentioned in it.

The Solution

Unfortunately, there is limited recourse available in cases where a user restricts others from reposting their content. The only option available is to request the user to modify their sharing settings.

Reason #5: Instagram Glitches

Instagram’s servers can experience temporary disruptions or technical glitches, which may cause various features of the app to malfunction. These issues can affect users in different locations, and they may encounter problems accessing specific functions of the platform.

In such cases, it is recommended to conduct a quick search to determine whether other users are experiencing the same issue. Checking social media platforms like Twitter for updates or visiting websites such as Downdetector can help provide insights into the extent of the outage and when it is likely to be resolved.

By keeping abreast of the situation and being patient during such disruptions, users can avoid frustration and continue to enjoy the platform once the issue is resolved.

The Solution

In the event of an Instagram glitch, the best course of action is to remain patient and wait for the platform’s technical team to address the issue. It is highly probable that they are already working diligently to resolve the problem, and it will be resolved soon.

While it can be frustrating to encounter technical glitches, it is essential to understand that these issues are not uncommon and that they can occur on any online platform. By remaining calm and avoiding taking any drastic measures, such as uninstalling the app or attempting to fix the issue themselves, users can help ensure that the problem is resolved in a timely and effective manner.

Reason #6: Account or Content Doesn’t Exist

It is possible that the content that a user wishes to repost is no longer available on Instagram. This could be due to the original creator deleting the post or deactivating their profile entirely.

If either of these scenarios occurs, it may not be possible for the user to repost the content on Instagram. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this issue unless the user contacts the content creator directly and requests that they repost the content or grant permission to repost it.

In such situations, it is essential to respect the content creator’s wishes and avoid reposting the content without their permission. By doing so, users can help maintain the integrity of the platform and the creators’ intellectual property rights.


While reposting content on Instagram can be a fun and engaging way to share content with others, there are occasions when users may encounter challenges or obstacles that prevent them from reposting content.

To assist users in understanding and troubleshooting these issues, this guide provides valuable insights into common reasons why users may not be able to repost content on Instagram. By following the recommendations outlined in this guide, users can resolve issues related to content sharing and continue to enjoy the platform’s features.

We wish users the best of luck as they explore and engage with Instagram’s vibrant community.


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