Vineeta Singh Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Family, Early Life, SUGAR Cosmetics

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Vineeta Singh Net Worth, Vineeta Singh is a prominent businesswoman in India who has achieved immense success through her hard work and innovative ideas. She is the founder and CEO of Sugar Cosmetics, a renowned company that has gained popularity due to its quality products. Her success story has been highlighted in the popular reality show, Shark Tank India, where she also serves as the lead investor and has invested in several promising startups.

As of 2023, Vineeta Singh’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, but her company’s worth is estimated to be in crores of rupees. She has built her business empire through her determination, passion, and dedication to her work. Her journey has been an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs, and she continues to inspire and support them through her investments in various startups.

In this article, we will delve into Vineeta Singh’s early life, career, family, and other details. So, if you want to learn more about this successful businesswoman and her journey to success, keep reading.

Who is Vineeta Singh?

Vineeta Singh, the CEO and Founder of Sugar Cosmetics, was born in Delhi, India in 1983. She completed her schooling at Delhi Public School, Delhi, and Ram Krishna Purana, Delhi from 1987 to 2001. In 2005, she earned her B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and later pursued her MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

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During her MBA, Vineeta Singh interned for three months at Deutsche Bank in London and New York, where she worked with the Emerging Markets Structures team in London and the Strategic Equity Transactions group in New York. In May 2004, she also did a three-month summer internship at ITC Limited, Kolkata. Today, Vineeta Singh is an accomplished businesswoman and a successful entrepreneur as the CEO and Founder of Sugar Cosmetics.

Vineeta Singh 2023 Biography

NameVineeta Singh
BirthplaceDelhi, India
Height5 feet 6 inches
EducationSchooling at DPS, Delhi
BTech (Electricals) at IIT, Madras
MBA at IIM, Ahemdabad
Company FoundedSUGAR Cosmetics
Spouse(s)Kaushik Mukherjee

Vineeta Singh Net Worth 2023

Vineeta Singh, the CEO and founder of Sugar Cosmetics, has an impressive net worth of around Rs. 660 crores, with a monthly income estimated to be around Rs. 7 to 8 crores and an annual income of approximately Rs. 100 crores. She is a proud owner of a Mercedes Benz 350-D, which costs around Rs. 80 lakhs, and a Skoda Octavia, which is valued at Rs. 28 lakh. She resides with her family in her own house in Mumbai.

As a successful entrepreneur and investor, Vineeta Singh is also one of the judges of the popular Indian reality show Shark Tank India, which aims to encourage and support aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own startups in India. The show has gained immense popularity in its second season and Vineeta continues to contribute her expertise and insights as an investor on the show.

Personal Life/Family of Vineeta Singh

Vineeta Singh hails from Delhi, and her father, Tej Singh, was a scientist at AIIMS. In 2011, she tied the knot with Kaushik Mukherjee, who is currently the President and CEO of Sugar Cosmetics. The couple first met while pursuing their MBA.

Vineeta has had an entrepreneurial spirit since her childhood. As a young girl, she and a friend created a magazine and tried selling it door-to-door for Rs. 3. Unfortunately, their idea did not take off as it was difficult to convince people to buy a magazine from children at that time.

Vineeta Singh – Turned Down a Job Worth One Crore

After completing her MBA from IIM, Vineeta Singh received a job offer of Rs. 1 crore as an investment banker. Despite being aware of the fact that this job would be easy for her, Vineeta didn’t feel content with it. She realized that this wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life. At the age of 23, Vineeta took a bold step and left her high-paying job to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams.

Vineeta Singh CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics

Vineeta Singh’s journey to success with Sugar Cosmetics wasn’t an easy one. Her previous attempts at starting businesses didn’t quite pan out, but that didn’t stop her from trying again. In 2015, she identified a gap in the Indian cosmetics market – there were few big brands catering to the needs of everyday women. Most of the existing brands were focused on models, actresses, and women from affluent families. This led Vineeta to conduct extensive research and eventually launch her own cosmetics brand – Sugar Cosmetics.

Initially, Sugar Cosmetics operated solely as an online business. However, in 2019 they opened their first physical store in Uttar Pradesh, India. Today, the brand has more than 200 stores across 110 cities in India, making it easier for customers to purchase their products both online and offline.

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