Tulsi Gabbard Net Worth 2023- Bio, Career, Salary, Wealth, Assets

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Tulsi Gabbard Net Worth, Tulsi Gabbard is an accomplished American politician and United States Army Reserve officer, known for her noteworthy contributions to public service. As the first Congress Hindu MP, Tulsi has been in the news for various reasons, including her high-profile clash with former US President Donald Trump. Tulsi was also accused of working in the interest of Russia in the ongoing dispute between Russia and Ukraine, but she has consistently denied these allegations.

On this page, we provide you with information about Tulsi Gabbard’s net worth in 2023, which is estimated to be $30 million. In addition, we will keep you updated on her biography, career, salary, wealth, and assets, so be sure to check back frequently.

Who is Tulsi Gabbard?

Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu American to serve in the United States Congress and a former presidential candidate for the Democratic Party in 2020, is often mistakenly believed to be of Indian origin. In fact, she was born on April 12, 1981, in Leloaloa, USA, to a family of American Samoan descent who are natives of the US state of Hawaii. Her father was a Catholic and her mother converted to Hinduism, which Tulsi has also adopted.

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As a politician, Tulsi has been a strong advocate for better relations between India and America. She even congratulated Narendra Modi on becoming the Prime Minister of India in 2014. Despite the misconception about her heritage, Tulsi Gabbard’s political career and personal beliefs are a unique blend of American and Hindu cultures.

Tulsi Gabbard- Biography/Family

Full nameTulsi Gabbard
Political partyIndependent (2022–present)
Other political partiesDemocratic (until 2022)
Years active (in office)January 2013 – January 2021
ResidenceHonolulu, Hawaii
EducationLeeward Community College Hawaii Pacific University (BS)
Military service2003 – present
Military rankLieutenant Colonel
Date of birth12 April 1981
Marital statusMarried
SpouseAbraham Williams (2015 – present) Eduardo Tamayo (2002 – 2006)
ParentsCarol Porter Gabbard (mother) Mike Gabbard (father)

Tulsi Gabbard Net Worth 2023

Tulsi Gabbard is a well-known Democrat Party politician who played a significant role in halting Kamala Harris’ run for the party’s presidential nomination. As of 2022, Tulsi Gabbard’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million. Growing up, Tulsi was exposed to a mixed religious environment, with her father following Catholicism and her mother being a Hindu. This exposure to various religions piqued her interest in the topic, and as a teenager, she converted to Hinduism, which her mother had adopted.

Political Life/Career of Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard’s political career began in 2011 when she was elected to the City Council of Honolulu. The following year, she contested for the US congressional district seat and emerged victorious. Currently, she serves as a member of the Committee on Military Services and Foreign Affairs in the US House of Representatives.

Tulsi Gabbard made history in the US Senate by taking the Hindu scripture Gita as her witness, which she considers her guiding book. Gabbard regularly recites the Gita to maintain harmony in her life. In 2016, she was re-elected to the American House of Representatives after winning by a margin of 140,000 votes.

Tulsi Gabbard made history in February 2019 when she launched her presidential campaign, becoming the first female combat veteran to run for the US presidency. However, she dropped out of the race in March 2020 and endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for the presidential post.

Tulsi Gabbard- Salary, Wealth, Assets

Net Worth$30 Million
Assets$14 Million
Liabilities & Loans$3 Million
Fox News Salary$2 Million
Investments$16 Million
Business Income$500,000
Family Inheritance$10 Million
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