Sports have been around for thousands of years already – the ancient Greeks introduced big-time sports events as a source of entertainment, and even today, they still provide a sense of excitement among people. Their strong impact on society is profound, bringing people together and fostering a sense of community. At the same time, they inspire young people who consider athletes to be their role models.

As far as India is concerned, sports are an integral part of people’s lives, closely tied to the country’s culture and tradition, and play a role in finance and entertainment. People in India are very enthusiastic about following different sports and participating in them, including cricket, Kabaddi, and of course, football. However, these traditional sports are only popular in India – they have also gained a lot of attention internationally and will likely keep doing so in the years to come.  


There are many popular sports in India, but none can compare to Kabaddi, a top-ranking sport in the country, due to the emergence of professional players and the increased attention it has received from the sports department and government. Its history dates back to the 1920s when Kabaddi started on a low-key note as part of some Asian Games. Over the years, the game steadily grew in popularity, attracting many viewers. India has invested large sums in the sport, with Bollywood film stars also contributing to the game’s popularity.

The popularity of Kabaddi has also expanded outside of India, evolving from ancient times to a modern sport followed by millions of people worldwide. And because Kabaddi has become a global sporting phenomenon, a new way of participating in the game has been introduced: online Kabaddi betting. All you have to do to get started is choose a kabaddi betting site and select a bet to predict a potential winner.


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, representing a significant part of the country’s tradition and culture. According to research, cricket attracts 93% of Indian sports viewers (that’s a lot!). What’s more, the country has around three million registered cricketers. India has hosted more than 300,000 cricket matches and has many training centers where adults and children alike can learn how to play the game. The majority of cricket stadiums offer quality standard coaching facilities, as well as several professional coaches. Cricket gets significant media coverage, which has played a considerable role in increasing the game’s popularity, which has gained recognition in other parts of the world, including Brazil, Portugal, and the USA.

Moreover, India’s cricket performance undoubtedly impacts the continued appeal of sports worldwide. Over the years, India has stood out as a strong contender in international cricket, with cricketers like Virat Kohli winning hearts across borders. Given the regular talent inflow with each new generation, there is no doubt that cricket will remain one of the most popular sports in India in the foreseeable future, likely gaining increased attention in many other countries as well.


When thinking of the most famous sports, badminton may not be the one that comes to mind first. And yet, following soccer, it is the 2nd most played sport in the world, with around 220 million individuals partaking in it annually. In India, badminton is among people’s most preferred sports as well, along with cricket, Kabaddi and field hockey, and due to its increased recognition, many young people are taking an interest in this sport. The game’s origin dates back to the 1870s when British soldiers stationed in India played badminton as a recreational activity. In 1873, they also introduced the sport in England, establishing clear rules for the game.

Ever since, badminton started gaining more and more popularity, becoming a sport meant for the Olympics, but that can also be played by children. After famous badminton players like Saina Nehwal received a bronze medal at the London Olympics, this sport gradually started to attract a sizable audience. Since it is so versatile, everyone can play badminton, regardless of their age – all you need to take part in this game is a shuttle and two racquets. Countries around the world have created their own rules for the game: for instance, China has its own version of badminton, known as Ti Zian Ji. While it is based on the same concept, Chinese players don’t use racquets during the game – instead, they play using their feet.


Tennis has a massive fan base in India but is also recognized globally: in 2020 alone, there were 87 million players worldwide. This sport is particularly popular among young adults who enjoy watching exciting professional matches or playing the game with their friends. Tennis was introduced in India by the British Army in the 1880s, and ever since then, it has remained one of the most famous sports in the country. 

Moreover, it has produced top-notch players who have received international recognition, making their presence in significant tennis tournaments.  

Indian players like Mahesh Bhupathi, Leander Paes, and Sania Mirza have gained global attention for their outstanding performances, captivating many tennis enthusiasts in the country. 

Across India, tennis is beloved among Australian, American and England viewers, with statistics clearly proving the enduring popularity of the game and its bright prospects.


Wrestling represents one of the oldest sports in India, with many people in the country enjoying watching it. It is worth noting that Indian wrestling has different styles and variations based on cultures and regions. The sport was introduced in the country by British officers in the 19th century, and ever since it gained the interest of Indians who enjoyed playing or watching traditional and contemporary wrestling alike. Moreover, traditional wrestling has earned the title of an Olympic sport in India, with many professional wrestlers from different countries coming to the country to participate in the World Wrestling Championships.

However, wrestling isn’t popular only in India – spectators can also watch wrestling in action in stadiums across the country. Just think of WWE – according to statistics, more than 36 million viewers in 180 different countries have watched the matches, highlighting the huge popularity of this sport. Wrestling offers a thrilling experience for viewers, appealing to men and women alike, as it evokes strong emotions and excitement, making it a fascinating artistic medium.

Last words

Many traditional Indian sports have gained international attention, and it’s not at all surprising, given that they provide viewers with the perfect opportunity to refresh their minds and keep themselves entertained. Besides, sports have many health benefits, inspiring individuals to stay fit. 

The future of sports is promising, as the sector is always growing, and even if new trends are reshaping the industry, one thing is sure: traditional games like tennis and badminton will still maintain their appeal.


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