Top 5 best raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Raw Vietnamese hair is among the most sought-after hair items in the worldwide hair market nowadays because of its premium quality. Keep reading this blog to know more about raw Vietnamese hair and the best raw Vietnamese hair vendors. 

1. Overview of raw Vietnamese hair vendor

Before getting started, you must first know the most overall information of raw Vietnamese hair vendors. 

1.1. What is raw Vietnamese hair vendor

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors are people or companies who provide the world hair market with Vietnamese raw hair and other hair services. 

Vietnamese raw hair is the unprocessed hair which has not gone through any treatment like chemicals, heat or steam. Raw hair from Vietnam is sourced from rural area donors who use herbs to take care of their hair, as a result, Vietnamese raw hair is strong, shiny and cuticles aligned. Raw Vietnamese hair is used to make hair extensions products such as: weft hair, tape-ins, clip-ins, frontals and closures, etc to fulfill customers’ requests. 

High-quality raw Vietnamese hair

1.2. Categorization of raw Vietnamese hair vendor

There are 2 types of raw Vietnamese hair vendors: factory and commercial company. While raw hair factories are suitable for wholesale customers, raw hair commercial companies are a perfect match for customers who buy products for personal use. Below is the most detailed information of each type. 

  • Factory: Raw Vietnamese hair factories will source the materials directly from donors to produce their products. They are able to manufacture their own hair products due to the factories’ facilities. Raw Vietnamese hair factories usually sell their hair products at wholesale prices and supply wholesale products for suppliers in the world.
  • Commercial company: Raw Vietnamese hair vendors who are commercial companies mostly source their hair from manufacturers and sell the products at a premium to generate profit. Their main role is the distributor of the hair products and the intermediaries between factories and clients. 

If you want to buy hair extensions for personal use, commercial companies will be a good choice, in contrast, raw Vietnamese hair factories will be the perfect option for those who want to purchase wholesale hair products at an affordable price. 

2. Why you should choose raw Vietnamese hair vendors 

If you are wondering whether to buy hair products from raw Vietnamese hair vendors or not, these are the reasons that you should choose them:

  • Providing high-quality hair products: Raw hair supplied by raw Vietnamese hair vendor is considered one of the best types of raw hair in the world. As raw Vietnamese hair vendors purchase hair directly from local people in rural mountainous areas. The minorities here don’t use chemicals on their hair, they also use herbal hair care routine, so the hair is strong, shiny and has premium quality. With the advanced technology, raw hair vendors from Vietnam are able to produce hair extensions with cuticles aligned, less chemically processed and can last up to 2 years with proper care. 
  • Providing products with reasonable prices: Due to the availability of materials and cheap workforce, raw Vietnamese hair vendors also sell their hair products at an affordable wholesale price. They will be the best choice for those who are in search of a long-term supplier and want  to import high-quality hair with an affordable cost. 
  • Providing a wide range of products: Raw hair vendors from Vietnam provide customers with a wide selection of hair products such as: bulk hair, clip-ins, tape-ins, closure and frontals, weft hair, etc. They also provide customized orders for customers who want a unique look. 

With such strong points of raw Vietnamese hair vendors, don’t hesitate to give them a try whether you want to buy hair extensions for personal use or purchase wholesale products to start a business. 

3. Some popular products of raw Vietnamese hair vendor

The products of raw Vietnamese hair vendors are among the most sought-after in the world hair market. Among them, the most popular products are raw bulk hair, raw hair weft and raw hair extensions. 

  • Raw bulk hair: Raw bulk hair refers to a bundle of unprocessed hair which is tied up by elastic band. Raw bulk hair is mainly used to make other kinds of hair extensions products such as: weft hair, closure and frontal, clip-ins, tape-ins, etc. Customers who want to customize their hair extensions tend to purchase raw bulk hair. 
  • Raw hair weft: Raw hair weft is basically many hair strands which are sewn onto a piece of super-slim strip. This type of product is popular to customers from South Africa as they need to use it to add volume and length to their natural hair. They usually tend to purchase 2 to 3 bundles with a closure or frontal to make a full wig. 
  • Raw hair extensions: Raw hair extensions have a variety of types such as: tape-ins, tip-ins, clip-ins, etc. They are sections of hair which are attached to a person’s natural hair by clips, adhesive tape or microbead links. Customers from Europe especially prefer this type of hair product as they can sew, glue or clip raw hair extensions to make their natural hair longer and thicker. 

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors are mastered in producing hair goods which satisfy customers’ requests. Getting to know what kind of goods that raw hair vendors in Vietnam make is also an important factor to choose a reliable hair supplier. 

Popular products of raw Vietnamese hair vendor

4. Some tips to choose a reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendor

These are some tips for you to follow when choosing a raw Vietnamese hair vendor to be your long-term partner:

  • Read the reviews and testimonials: The feedback of customers about raw Vietnamese hair vendor’s products is an important factor in determining whether the supplier is trustworthy or not. If the reviews are mostly positive, the raw Vietnamese hair vendor is valid, if the reviews are mostly negative, choose another hair supplier.
  • Check the websites and social media: A valid raw Vietnamese hair vendor will have their own websites and social media such as: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram to update their information and products. Take a look at their websites to see if they publicize the company’s information with location, phone number, products’ price, etc. This is an essential factor to know if the hair vendor is reliable.
  • Ask for samples: Before making a purchase, ask the raw Vietnamese hair vendor to provide you with samples of the products in order to check their quality. If the supplier refuses to give you samples, this can be a warning that they are not trustworthy about their products. If possible, come directly to the hair vendor to check the quality by yourself. 
  • Check their return policy: Sometimes a reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendor will still send the customers defective products due to the manufacturing process. A good hair supplier will support customers with a reasonable return policy. Remember to check the return policy before purchasing from any hair vendors. 
  • Consider their prices: Prices are also a vital factor in determining the trustworthiness of a raw Vietnamese hair vendor. Remember to compare the cost among the hair suppliers in order to get a good deal. But don’t overestimate the price over the quality of the products. 
  • Check quality: Remember to check the products’ quality as it is an important factor which determines whether the raw hair vendors are valid or not. You need to check their quality certificates before making any purchases. 

Follow these tips in order to avoid unreliable raw hair vendors and successfully make your purchase. 

5. Top 5 best raw Vietnamese hair vendors

The following are the most trustworthy raw Vietnamese hair vendors which provide high-quality Vietnamese raw hair products that are chosen by many suppliers and customers from across the world. 

5.1. Vin Hair Vendor – The best raw Vietnamese hair vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is the leading raw hair vendor in the Vietnamese hair market and are setting their own solid standing in the world hair market. 

  • Products: Vin Hair offers a large selection of Vietnamese raw hair products which are hair wefts, closure and frontal, clip-ins, tape-ins, etc. Their products are famous for their premium quality, durability and versatility. 
  • Price: Vin Hair supplies products at an affordable price, 1kg of Vin Hair raw hair products only cost $8.8. If you purchase wholesale products, they will have a better offer price. 
  • Policy: Vin Hair also has an exchange and return policy if customers aren’t satisfied with the products or the hair extensions are defective in the manufacturing process. 

There have been many positive feedbacks about Vin Hair Vendor from customers all around the world. So don’t hesitate to give Vin Hair a try. 

Vin Hair Vendor – The best raw Vietnamese hair vendor

5.2. 5S Hair Factory – A long-lasting raw Vietnamese hair vendor

5S Hair Factory has been in the Vietnam hair business for over 30 years and they are well-known for their thick experience in supplying Vietnamese raw hair products with premium quality.

  • Products: 5S Hair offers a wide selection of products with different length and color for customers to choose from. They are also famous for their straight hair products. 
  • Price: 5S Hair also supplies products at a cost-effective price. If you have been wondering how to purchase hair extensions without breaking the bank, 5S Hair will be your perfect choice. 
  • Policy: 5S Hair offers a 100% refund for customers if they make any mistakes in the delivery process or products’ defectiveness. 

Write 5S Hair down your raw Vietnamese hair vendors list to consider when choosing your hair business partner. 

5.3. Mic Hair – Among the best raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Mic Hair has been receiving many positive reviews from their customers over the period of 10 years which they have been operating in the hair business. 

  • Products: Mic Hair offers a large selection of Vietnamese raw hair products for customers from materials, lengths and colors. 
  • Price: The price of products from Mic Hair is a bit higher compared to other hair vendors from Vietnam but still reasonable. 
  • Policy: Mic Hair accepts exchange and return within thirty days from the day of ordering.

Mic Hair is also a great choice for you to start purchasing hair extensions. 

5.4. Layla Hair – A women-established raw Vietnamese hair vendor

Layla Hair is a raw hair vendor in Vietnam which is founded to serve the needs of the community. 

  • Products: hair extensions and hair wigs with different lengths and colors.
  • Price: Fairly competitive compared to other hair vendors in Vietnam.
  • Policy: Layla Hair accepts a 2-day exchange policy if the products are unused.

You shouldn’t miss Layla Hair when finding a reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendor. 

5.5. K-Hair – Another trustworthy raw Vietnamese hair vendor

Along with the above hair vendors, K-Hair is also a famous raw hair vendor in Vietnam and received a lot of positive feedback from customers.

  • Products: Customers are free to choose from a variety of Vietnamese raw hair selections such as: lace frontal closure, color hair extensions, single drawn or double drawn, etc. 
  • Price: The price of K-Hair’s products is a bit higher than other hair suppliers, but the quality is really worth it. 
  • Policy: K-Hair will only deliver your package when you have been fully satisfied with it. 

Remember K-Hair when you are considering purchasing from raw Vietnamese hair vendors. 

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors are among the greatest choices for those looking for high quality raw hair. To decide whether to buy from raw hair vendors in Vietnam or raw hair vendors from other countries in the world, read this article:

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