Velvet is a complete vibe that gives royal looks, timeless elegance, and appeal to your attire. The gorgeous fabric holds special significance and place in the hearts and lives of Pakistani fashion freaks. Velvet dresses are a part of Pakistani cultural heritage and a heartthrob of luxury couture. Pakistani audience has always shown a great appeal for this fabric due to the variety of designs and the margin of styling it provides. Due to the high demands of fashionistas, Pakistani clothing brands and top clothing stores for women in Pakistan launch a dazzling range of velvet dresses in their winter collections every year.

The allure of velvet dresses never fails to leave a long-lasting charming impression on your persona and you become the center of attraction wherever you go. From plain and simple seasonal velvet designs to embroidered and festive designs, velvet provides us with unique outfits for every event. It is a cultural pride, a seasonal delight, and a timeless fashion trend that remains inevitable in every winter season. Let us have a look at the enchanting impression of velvet dress on Pakistani Fashion canvas.

Velvet dresses; A Centuries-old Cultural heritage

Velvet dresses in Pakistan tell us a tale of culture and tradition. The use of velvet dresses dates back to the Mughal era when the Mughal emperors and empresses used to wear heavy velvet dresses as a symbol of grandeur and royalty. The members of the royal palace and the royal court also used to adore velvet dresses in different designs and cuts. Since then, it has become a significant part of the cultural essence of the subcontinent, especially Pakistan, and a permanent part of the catalog of top clothing stores for women in Pakistan. The plush finish, shiny texture, and luxury feel make it a fabric of choice and a dreamy love affair. That’s why it has always been a beloved choice to wear no matter what era of fashion comes.

A matchless seasonal bounty

Pakistan is enriched with a cool winter season that is incomplete without cozy yet stylish fabrics. Amidst the dropping temperature and cold weather conditions, velvet comes as a seasonal delight. This perfect seasonal bounty protects you from harsh weather in winter and gives you warmth and a comfortable feel. It is a go-to fabric for chilling evenings in December and festive winter celebrations in Pakistan. It is the perfect backup to make your winter festivals stylish as well as warm.

With its thick fabric and fur-like soft texture, it keeps your body temperature normal even in cold breezes. Top clothing stores for women in Pakistan provide you with unique velvet outfits to wear to your winter gatherings such as weddings, birthday parties, and other special events. In addition to the velvet dresses, you can drape nice velvet shawls with other fancy dresses to uplift their looks.

Versatile Styling options with velvet dresses

Top clothing stores for women in Pakistan provide you with a huge aura of styles when it comes to velvet dresses. You can select the designs according to your personal taste. These designs cater to the diverse needs of fashionistas across the country. In addition to this, styling has become way easier with velvet dresses. You can easily find the velvet dress of your choice for every occasion. Pakistan Velvet catalogs are furnished with a range of cuts that start from plain velvet kurtas to Anarkali dresses, velvet gowns to peplum frocks, luxury tops to skirts, and a lot more.

A significant part of Pakistani Bridal Couture

In addition to this, the bridal couture is full of luxury velvet lehngas and bridal maxi dresses that are heavily embroidered and designed on Mughal dressing patterns. With the advancement in fashion, Pakistani designs have innovated bridal velvet couture with contemporary ideas that perfectly resonate with our culture. Velvet saree dresses are another fashion sensation that is getting hype at weddings and other dressy occasions. In a nutshell, you will never run short of ideas whenever you want to style up with velvet. You can try different designs available on top clothing stores for women in Pakistan and create the look of your choice every time you adore this appealing fabric. That’s where it outshines all other fabrics in the winter season.

The essence of printed and embellished velvet

Yes, you have read it right-printed velvet is also available in Pakistan along with textured and embroidered velvet. From soft floral prints to multicolored geometric prints, there is a vast variety of prints that are must-haves in your winter dress collection. Moreover, the embroidered velvet dresses come in a variety of designs that differ in the style of embroidery. For instance, the most popular embroidered velvet designs in the catalog of top clothing stores for women in Pakistan include plain velvet with golden or silver tila embroidery paired with mirror work. From delicate embroidery, to beadwork and lacework to the evergreen zardozi work, the options are endless.

Nowadays, 3D embellishments are used to craft hypnotizing designs on plain velvet fabric. This method is used to create designs on frocks, maxis, lehengas, and even luxury kurtas. It is not just the sleek finish and gorgeous texture that make velvet a center of the Pakistani fashion world but the unique craftsmanship and artistry that is used to create them.

Color Palette of Velvet dresses

The vast color palette of velvet provides us with multifarious options to reflect regal beauty as well as delicacy. Deep blues, emerald greens, rich maroons, and golden hues impart a royal and luxurious impression to celebrate your beauty. For softer monochromatic looks, pastels set the stage on fire. You can play with colors to get your desired result. Most of these dresses come with golden or silver embroidery patterns however, some designs also incorporate specific color combinations and multicolored embroidery. You can customize your own designs with the color combinations of your choice as well.

The timeless appeal of velvet fabric remains unshaken amidst the varying fashion trends in the country. This is well justified by the quality and essence of this fabric available in top clothing stores for women in Pakistan.


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