The Benefits Of Using Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine Pouches have been on the market for a good few years now, and it’s in recent years that they have really gained in popularity with many people opting to use them as their preferred form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy after quitting smoking or giving up the use of E-Cigarettes. 

But what are the benefits of using Nicotine Pouches? Well, there are quite a few, especially when comparing them to smoking cigarettes or using E-Cigarettes and it’s in this blog I’m going to explain the primary benefits of opting to use them. 

And hopefully by the end of this blog, if you aren’t already a user, it may prompt you to go out and buy nicotine pouches to reap these benefits yourself! 

Benefit 1 – Subtle And Discreet

Nicotine Pouches were designed with the ideology behind them of offering people a subtle and discreet method to consume Nicotine with next to nobody realising they actually are! This is done in the way of each nicotine pouch being small in size, and when it’s placed in the mouth to rest between the upper lip and gum, it doesn’t cause any bulging of the lip and rests there nicely, and people can’t even notice if you have a pouch in place! 

Benefit 2 – Completely Smoke and Vapour Free

Nicotine Pouches are an oral nicotine product and they do not emit any form of smoke or vapour, which is a huge plus for people who may be wanting to get a nicotine fix somewhere they wouldn’t be able to smoke or vape. For example, in an office/work building where it’s not permitted, commuting on public transport, or even on a long haul plane ride, due to the fact that these do not emit any smoke or vapour, they can be used pretty much anywhere while you’re on the go, and don’t forget benefit number one, they’re subtle and discreet so people won’t even realize you have one in place. It’s an absolute win in my eyes! 

Benefit 3 – No Inhaling Necessary 

This is really big benefit, and something a lot of people enjoy the fact that Nicotine Pouches do not require any form on inhaling smoke/vapour into the lungs. We all know how harmful cigarette smoke is, and the thousands upon thousands of chemicals that are harboured in cigarette smoke that people inhale into their lungs. Vapour from an E-Cigarette is considerably less harmful than cigarette smoke, and doesn’t contain anywhere near the same amount of chemicals as cigarette smoke, but this is still enough to put people off inhaling it into their lungs. 

Nicotine Pouches work in the way that the Nicotine is absorbed via the gum once the pouch reacts with the saliva from your mouth when the pouch is put in place, meaning your lungs are free from inhaling and you’ll get your nicotine fix a different way! 

Benefit 4 – Cheaper Than Smoking & Vaping

The final big benefit I will discuss here is the fact that using Nicotine Pouches as your Nicotine delivery method will be a safer and healthier alternative but also a more cost effective and hassle free way compared to the above mentioned! 

The cost of smoking currently is astronomical with an average 20 a day smoker potentially facing to pay out £4000 over the course of the year which is mind blowing to think about. The cost of vaping is significantly less than that, but the continuous cost of buying vape juice as well as coils regularly will add up over time, and the average cost to a vaper each year will be around the £1000 mark. 

Nicotine Pouches do not have any continued cost or upkeep like what Vaping does, and a can on average will cost you around £6 for 20 nicotine pouches, and this should last you at least two days before you’ll need to buy yourself a new can. 

Spread this cost over the course of a year and it doesn’t even equate to £1000 which is the obvious indicator that you should be switching to Nicotine Pouches if you want to save yourself some money! 

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