Ten Reasons Why You Should Keep A First Aid Kit In Your Office Or Home

Your life will always be unpredictable, particularly with regard to mishaps or accidents. They may occur at the most unexpected time. A minor fall or slip could lead to a dangerous injury. Hence keeping a first aid kit at hand is very important. Many people think that keeping a first aid kit is optional and that they can get by without it. 

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But they do not realize that a first aid kit could help them avert a medical tragedy. Before you can visit the Manipal Hospital Whitefieldyou can treat the injury at home. First aid refers to the medical attention a person can administer to the injured one without special training. Many people require assistance comprehending the significance of a medical kit.

They believe that professionals should handle this job. However, understanding that this is an essential life skill would be helpful. So exactly why is first aid important before you visit Manipal Hospital Whitefield? We will understand about it in this article.

1- Accidents can happen anytime 

We must be prepared to deal with accidents as part and parcel of life. Regardless of whether we like it, mishaps can happen to potentially anyone.

They are the main source of death. Or concussions to happen during an injury. It is wise to have first aid knowledge in order to lessen blood loss. Before you visit a doctor, this knowledge can help in saving the patient’s life. 

2- It can save a life 

 Proper or quick administration of first aid can be a matter of life or death. There could be deaths because of a lack of first aid knowledge. In today’s times, we should know what we need to do. Hence more people must know about it. By learning prompt care, you can reduce the chances of any grave injury. 

3- Reduces recovery time 

First aid does not save a life; it does more than that. The victim’s healing time is also reduced with the help of first aid. If a person who is injured losses too much blood before medical help arrives. Then it can lead to them having severe problems due to blood loss. The patient will require more time to recover if they lose too much blood. Such incidents can be avoided when you have knowledge about how to stop the blood. 

4- Every moment counts 

When a person is injured, then every passing second counts. Sometimes the individual’s life could be in danger, and one small step could save their life. Basic medical aid knowledge could avert big emergencies. An initial couple of moments plays a big part in maintaining the well-being of the injured person. It can also prevent an escalation of the injury to life-threatening proportions.

For instance, the brain will stop receiving oxygen within three to four minutes if a person experiences cardiac arrest. The necessary steps you take during these few minutes decide the fate of the patient.  If you know how to use CPR, then you have a chance of saving their life. You can get CPR training near me if you’re interested to learn this skill.

5- It could save your own life 

If the line of work you are in comes with risks, then it is vital you learn about first aid. It may be advantageous to you, your peers, and your family. You would know what to do when times are rough. And this can help you save your own life or others. 

Take this as a life skill, and you will understand its importance. Your friends and family should also be knowledgeable about emergencies and how to take care of them. 

6- Relieves discomfort and pain 

In most injuries, there is a lot of discomfort and pain involved. Even if the accident is not life-threatening, in order to alleviate this discomfort or pain should be reason enough for you to learn about first aid. A medically trained person can help the victim by easing their pain. They can manage the discomfort till the time medical aid arrives. 

7- Reduce your medical expense 

In case an individual goes through a mishap and doesn’t get the legitimate consideration in time, their health can deteriorate fast. This will only result in additional issues and costs. But if you have the knowledge to deal with these kinds of accidents, this can help you combat the pain and also the extra expenses. 

For instance, if you know how to deal with an open wound. You can treat it and lower the chances of getting an infection. Even if you visit a doctor after this, it won’t cost you more. This is a preferred way to keep the victim safe and prevent further injury.

 8- Feel more secure 

When you or the people around you know the correct way to handle medical emergencies, you all will have a sense of security. This will imbibe confidence among your family because you all will know how to take care of any situation. Any mishap that may occur will be met with proper medical care and attention. Very few people know about first aid. It is absolutely vital that we, as people, take the initiative to know more about it.

Basic medical care knowledge helps

When prompt first aid is given to any person, it can save their life. Or help in reducing the stress their body is under. You can even avert permanent damage, pain, or other issues that may arise. Basic first-aid training can help you and the people around you. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Thus, it is a wise choice to know how you can combat such situations in the right manner and successfully. 

Before you make a round to the Manipal Hospital Whitefield, you should know how you can lessen the issues the person is facing. You need to teach your children about such situations and give them the knowledge to prevent such problems. They will be able to handle medical emergencies in a much better way.

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