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Teddy Net worth, Meet Teddy Ruks, the talented American tattoo artist and assistant manager who was born Shariff Homer on January 26, 1983, in the bustling neighborhood of Harlem, New York. With his innate talent and infectious charm, he quickly rose to fame in the world of tattooing, capturing the hearts of audiences everywhere through his role in the popular television series “Black Ink Crew” produced by VH1. With nine successful seasons under his belt, Teddy has become a household name in the industry. Join us in celebrating his birthday and learning more about his fascinating life and integral role in the show.

Full Name: Shariff Homer

Nickname: Teddy Ruks

Birth date: January 26, 1983

Age: 40

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′ 10″

Relationship Status: Married

Net Worth: $4 million

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Meet Teddy Ruks, also known as Shariff Homer – a talented artist and natural-born leader. Born on January 26, 1983, in Harlem, New York, Ruks attended public schools before pursuing English and Management programs. Despite a rough childhood, he found a way out of his troubled lifestyle by becoming the assistant manager of Black Ink Tattoo Studio.

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This was just the beginning of a series of opportunities for Ruks. He proved to be a great tattoo artist and displayed excellent managerial skills, quickly earning him the position of assistant manager. Every day, he skillfully managed the more formal aspects of the business, impressing his co-workers and solidifying his position within the shop.

As the tattoo store gained popularity, it evolved into the platform for the VH1 show “Black Ink Crew,” of which Ruks became a part. His charisma and talent made him a fan favorite, and he quickly found himself in the spotlight each season. The show provided a glimpse into the conflicts, drama, challenges, and rewards of operating a tattoo store.

While Ruks’ professional life has been in the public eye, his personal life has been more private. He married Euni, a Korean-born Instagram model, away from the VH1 spotlight. Since going public with their relationship, fans have been intrigued and created countless theories about his family. To learn more about Ruks and his life, be sure to follow him on his Instagram account.

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  1. He dated a co-star

He met his first romantic interest while working on “Black Ink Crew.”

  • His boss is family

Ceaser Emanuel, the owner of Black Ink Tattoo Studio, is Ruks’ cousin.

  • He is a sneakerhead

Ruks has an impressive collection of sneakers, dress shoes, basketball shoes, and other footwear that he posts on his social network accounts.

  • He supports his community

Ruks is involved in hip-hop from a fan stance and as an artist, and he collaborates with RGLR LVNG, an independent music group and brand.

  • He is a reserved man

Despite being married since 2018 and being one of the stars of a reality show, no one knew about his wife or his marriage until he and Euni decided to make their relationship public.

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