Take A Look At Some Of The Latest Technology In The Dental World

Even though everyone understands how crucial excellent dental care is, nobody likes going to the dentist. Most have vivid recollections of sitting in that big chair with the bright light on our faces as a child. Many people carry those dental fears with them into adulthood, avoiding the routine dental care they know they desperately need. Luckily, advances in technology are revolutionizing the way dental care is delivered and squashing many of those fears of visiting the dentist. 

When it’s time for your routine dental care, you want to visit the very best dentist Garland has to offer, and you want to know that they are utilizing the latest technology in the dental landscape. Innovative techniques coupled with the latest technology allow dentists to deliver comprehensive, compassionate care that makes a difference in your oral health.

Here’s what you need to know about some of the latest technology in the dental world. 

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are revolutionizing dental imaging for oral care professionals across the country. They are mainly used for assessing and diagnosing potential oral health problems before they become big issues. An intraoral camera is equipped with illumination and is used to capture images of the structure of teeth, the buccal cavity, and gums. 

The intraoral camera is especially effective for patient education when it comes to diseased conditions of the teeth or oral cavity. It is used to convey information and explain care procedures for effectively managing oral health issues. An intraoral camera is often used to help convince patients to undergo necessary treatments to help restore diseased teeth and gums. 

It is also used as a reliable tool for assessing and diagnosing potential oral cancers. Rather than relying on a dentist’s interpretations based on what they think they see, the intraoral camera takes pictures and videos of the buccal cavity in the high-risk patient. The pictures and videos are then combined with the dentist’s notes to better assess and diagnose a patient’s potential condition. 

Digital Imaging

Bitewing and panoramic X-rays may be familiar to you, but they are still new technology. Bitewing X-rays are a type of intraoral X-ray that reveals the details of a tooth from the crown all the way down to the bone. They help identify potential problems and treatment options for problem teeth and even help monitor jaw development. 

Panoramic X-rays are extraoral X-rays that involve a rotating machine that takes pictures to reveal an entire upper and lower dental region in a single image. These are especially useful for detecting impacted teeth and planning for dental implants. 

Multi-slice computed tomography (MCT) is an X-ray showing a mouth slice. This is particularly helpful for viewing hard-to-reach areas in the oral cavity for potential issues or formulating an adequate care plan. 

Partner with the Best Dentist Garland Has to Offer

If you are interested in the latest technology and most innovative techniques to ensure the best dental care possible, then digital imaging and intraoral cameras are what you are looking for. There are many technological advances in dentistry that continue to improve care daily, but these are some of the most commonly utilized. Don’t leave your oral health up to chance. Partnering with the best dentist Garland has to offer and enjoy some of the most advanced technology in the industry. 

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