Singing Bowls – All That You Need To Know

Singing bowls have been around for many years. Moreover, our ancestors have often used them in various sound healing practices. The singing bowl is an instrument, or rather a utensil, which has therapeutic benefits. Furthermore, it is used quite often in various traditional rituals. You can produce a variety of sounds, by tuning these bowls. They come with their own mallet or tuning fork as well. You can strike them, or swirl the mallet along the perimeter, to produce various tones. Most spiritual centers use them for sound baths as well as spiritual healing.

These bowls are also called sound healing bowl, as they have healing powers. You will find them in a variety of finishes including metal and silica. Crystal singing bowls are also available. You will hear various terms associated with such bowls, and they are Himalayan singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and so on. So, if you are now wondering, how they work, read on.

Working Mechanism Of Singing Bowls

You can play a singing bowl, as a group therapy, singular therapy, or as a sound bath therapy. Each bowl has their own unique vibrations. Moreover, such bowls also have the capacity to shift energies and clear all kinds of blockages. They are known to restore the balance of the body, mind, as well as the spirit. When you play them, they create a restorative and therapeutic effect on the listener or subject. Singing bowls basically fall under the category of sound therapy instruments. It also incorporates singing and music. These bowls are used often, as a part of musical choirs as well. Many clinicians also use them for pain management, relaxation, as well as psychotherapy.

You can buy these bowls from Holistic Kart. They are good for all types of alternative healing. The sellers know the exact purpose, and have made the bowls with the best possible metals and their alloys. You can use the singing bowl, on different points in your body as well. They can also be placed all around the body. If there is a group session, you can also place these bowls on the outer periphery of the group. You can also use these bowls in conjunction with guided meditation. They tend to enhance the practice.

Advantages Of The Sound Healing Bowl

  • It leads to deep relaxation and stress and reduction. When the vibrations float through the air and reach you, they tend to percolate through the ears, even if you do not listen. The same vibrations have the power to harmonise the cells inside the body. This can also lead to a dip in systolic blood pressure. The heart rate is also controlled to a huge extent.
  • You can also use the bowls to balance the entire chakra system. The chakras correspond to different body areas. So, when there is any sort of blockages in them, it can lead to ill health and mental issues. The frequencies of the bowls help in restoring balance and also unblocks the chakras. You can also remove emotional blocks by playing the sound healing bowl.
  • If you suffer from unnecessary anger, then these bowls can help you to cool down. These bowls have the power to remove anger and hatred. The bowls mainly impact the nervous system, that leads to clarity and also changes the pattern of the brain waves.
  • The bowls have the power to alter the brain waves. So, it can lead to a sublime atmosphere and you will be able to fall asleep easily. The bowls can bring the brain to the Theta state, which is the border between the unconscious and the subconscious. The sounds will also synchronize with your breath, and cleanse all the negativities, thus promoting sound sleep.

Thus, by now, you would have come to know, that the singing bowl, heals through both sounds and vibrations. They emit vibrations that react with the physical body. They affect the organs, the nervous system, tissues, as well as the circulatory system. When you play such bowls or are in the same environment, in which they are being played, you will enter a meditative state of mind, when you hear the sounds. These can also clear a space energetically. There are various types of bowls that are available today. You can buy one that suits you. You can go for the metal alloys, in various colours like blue, black, and plain ones as well. The brass casted singing bowl is especially very useful. Brass is an alloy, and contains copper. So, it has the natural anti-microbial properties. If you place the brass bowls on any body part, it is believed to facilitate the proper flow of blood through the body.

Copper and brass also have electromagnetic properties, which help in energising the body. That is why the sound healing bowl from Holistic Kart is so effective.

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