Raksha Bandhan And Technology: How Digital Platforms Are Changing The Way We Celebrate

Rakshabandhan, a festival limited to a family celebrating it in their house, has now become a global phenomenon, and people’s siblings celebrate it while being on opposite ends of the world. All this is thanks to the rise in technology and the evolution of the Internet. Technology was built to shorten the world, and indeed, it has bridged the gaps between siblings living miles away from each other. Earlier brothers and sisters had to sacrifice the celebration of Raksha Bandhan because of geographical distances, but now the world has become a family.

Earlier, it took days for the customer to send the Rakhi through, and still be unsure of its delivery timing. Still, with modern technology, customers can send Rakhi to Bangalore, Punjab, Kolkata, or even USA, basically any part of the world, while chilling on the sofa. Not just the convenience, the variety is also exhilarating. Gone are those days when siblings would not see the face of each other for months until they physically met, but now they are just one click away from video calling each other. Let’s know the impact of technology on Raksha Bandhan and how digital platforms have revolutionized how we connect, celebrate and express love for our siblings.

1. Online Rakhi Shopping

Digital platforms have revolutionized how we shop for Rakhis and Rakhi gifts. Online Rakhi shopping has gained immense popularity, offering various Rakhis, personalized gifts, and Rakhi hampers. Online Rakhi websites provide convenience, easy browsing, and doorstep delivery options, making it effortless for siblings to find the perfect Rakhi for their brothers or sisters.

The online portals’ variety is incomparable, and customers can scroll for hours to find the perfect Rakhi. With facilities such as doorstep delivery, customers can send Rakhi to Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, or wherever their brother lives without even getting out of the house.

2. Online Rakhi Gifts and Hampers

Technology has simplified buying and sending Rakhis online and made sending Rakhi gifts and Rakhi Hampers a child’s play, which consumed hours of our time to find the right gift or combo. Technology has steadily shifted the whole festival into an online mode so that the customer doesn’t have to consider returning to the old-school method of going to tens of physical stores and searching for the desired item.

3. Virtual Rakhi Celebrations

One of the most significant changes technology brings is the rise of virtual Rakhi celebrations. With the help of video calling platforms like Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime, siblings separated by distance can now virtually tie Rakhis and exchange heartfelt wishes in real time. This has bridged the gap between physical distances, allowing siblings to connect and celebrate regardless of geographical constraints.

4. Social Media Expressions

Social media platforms have become a powerful medium to express love and affection on Rakshabandhan. Siblings now take to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share Rakhi wishes, heartfelt messages, and throwback pictures, allowing them to celebrate the festival publicly and involve a wider circle of friends and family.

5. Real-Time Tracking and Delivery Updates

Technology integration in logistics and delivery services has allowed siblings to track their Rakhi orders in real-time. The tracking facility is a stress buster for customers as they are not dependent on someone else to know the details; they can do it themselves. As they know the estimated arrival date, they can be prepared to receive and be confident with the delivery getting shipped.

6. Digital Memories and Archiving

Storing photos in a physical form is a difficult task as, with time, they start to deteriorate. Digital platforms are a great way to store cherishing Raksha Bandhan memories. Using cloud storage, one can be assured of the perseverance of the memories. Uploading them on social media can also retrieve them as the data is stored in servers.


Technology has undoubtedly been the biggest revolution of the 21st century. So many things that were done manually for centuries have been done by technology. And technology has impacted our cultures as well; the way it has transformed the way we celebrate Raksha Bandhan is astonishing, offering us convenience and saving time. From providing online Rakhi delivery, Online Rakhi gifts and hampers, virtual celebrations, social media expressions, real-time tracking, and digitally preserving our memories, technology has proven that festivals can be equally engaging when celebrated online.

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