Quaid e Azam Quotes In Urdu & English With Images

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Quaid e Azam Quotes In Urdu

Muhammad Ali Jinnah Alias Quaid e Azam is a renowned Muslim leader and politician of South Asia. He played an important role in the independence of Pakistan from the British. He is considered a father of the nation. People love to read Quaid e Azam Quotes In Urdu & English.

He is believed to be a role model for the youngsters. We have collected the best Quaid e Azam quotes collection. We keep sharing Urdu PoetryUrdu QuotesUrdu News, and Information.

Quotes Of Quaid e Azam:

مسلمان مصیبت میں گھبرایا نہیں کرتا۔
Musalman Musibat Main Ghabraya Nahi Karta.

Quaid e Azam Quotes About Pakistan:

دنیا میں کوئی ایسی طاقت نہیں جو پاکستان کا وجود ختم کرسکے۔
Dunya Main Koi Aisi Taqat Nahi Jo Pakistan Ka Wajood Khatam Kar Sakay.
ناکامی میرے لیے ایک نامعلوم لفظ ہے۔
Nakami Mery Lye Aik Na Maloom Lafz Ha.
مسلمان جھکنے کے لیے پیدا نہیں ہوا۔ اگر اس کو جھکانےکی کوشش کی جائے تو یہ بابر بن جائے گا۔ ٹیپو سلطان بن جائے گا مگر محکومی قبول نہیں کرے گا۔
Musalman Jhuknay Ka Lye Paida Nahi Howa. Agar Isko Jhukany Ki Koshish Ki Jaye To Yeh Babar Ban Jaye Ga. Tipu Sultan Ban Jaye Ga Magar Mehkoomi Qabool Nahi Kary Ga.
جب حکومت تعریف کی مستحق ہو تو اس کی تعریف کریں اور جب تنقید کی مستحق ہو تو بلا خوف تنقید کریں۔
Jab Hakoomat Tareef Ki Mustahiq Ho To Uski Tareef Karain Aur Jab Tanqeed Ki Mustahiq Ho To Bila Khauf Tanqeed Karain.

Quaid e Azam Quotes In Urdu For Students:

ایک شخص بن کر نہ جیو بلکہ ایک شخصیت بن کر جیو۔ کیونکہ شخص تو مرجاتا ہے مگر شخصیت زندہ رہتی ہے۔
Aik Shakhs Ban Kar Na Jio, Balkeh Aik Shakhsiyat Ban Kar Jio Ku Keh Shakhs To Mar Jata Ha Magar Shakhsiyat Zinda Rehti Ha.
ہم جتنی زیادہ تکلیفیں سہنا اور قربانیاں دینا سیکھیں گے اتنی ہی زیادہ پاکیزہ، مخلص اور مضبوط قوم کی حیثیت سے اُبھریں گے۔ جیسے سونا آگ میں تپ کر کُندن بن جاتا ہے۔
Hum Jitni Zyada Takleefain Sehna Aur Qurbanian Dena Sikhain Gy. Utni Hi Zyada Pakeeza, Mukhlis Aur Mazboot Qaum Ki Haisiyat Say Ubhrain Gy. Jesy Sona Aag Main Tapp Kar Kundan Ban Jata Ha.

Quaid e Azam Quotes In English

Religion Should Not Be Allowed To Come Into Politics. Religion Is Merely a Matter Between Man And God.
Expect The Best, Prepare For The Worst.
I Insist You To Strive. Work, Work And Only Work For Satisfaction With Patience, Humbleness And Serve The Nation.
Failure Is A Word.. Unknown To Me.

Golden Words Of Quaid e Azam In English:

I Don't Believe In Taking Right Decisions. I Just Take Decisions And Make Them Right.

Quaid e Quotes In English Text:

With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.
My message to you all is hope, courage and confidence.
You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed - that has nothing to do with the business of the State.
The story of Pakistan, its struggle and its achievement, is the very story of great human ideals, struggling to survive in the face of great odds and difficulties.

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