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The Polar Express is a children’s book written by Chris Van Allsburg, first published in 1985. The story follows a young boy who takes a magical train ride on Christmas Eve to the North Pole, where he meets Santa Claus and receives a special gift. The book is known for its beautiful illustrations and its heartwarming message of the power of belief.

The Polar Express has since been adapted into a variety of media, including a popular animated film by Warner Bros. Pictures, released in 2004. The movie features the voice talent of Tom Hanks and follows the story of the book closely, with stunning animation and a memorable soundtrack.

The Polar Express has become a holiday classic and a staple of many families’ holiday traditions. Its themes of belief, friendship, and the spirit of Christmas have captured the hearts of audiences of all ages, making it a timeless tale that continues to be enjoyed by generations.

In addition to the book and film, The Polar Express has also inspired a theme park ride, a video game, and various merchandise. The story’s enduring popularity and cultural impact make it a true modern-day holiday classic.

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20+ Polar Express Quotes

They are gathering at the center of the city . . . That is where Santa will give the first gift of Christmas.

Outside, the lights of towns and villages flickered in the distance as the Polar Express raced northward.

“There,” said the conductor, “is the North Pole.”

He stood, holding the bell high above him, and called out, “The first gift of Christmas!”

Sarah found one last small box behind the tree. It had my name on it. Inside was the silver bell!

“Why, to the North Pole of course,” was his answer. “This is the Polar Express.”

“There is no Santa,” my friend had insisted, but I knew he was wrong.

“All aboard,” the conductor cried out.

We drank hot cocoa as thick and rich as melted chocolate bars.

It broke my heart to lose the bell.

Why to the North Pole, Of course! This is the Polar Express.

Found this on the seat of my sleigh. Better fix that hole in your pocket

It says 'lead', like a lead balloon.

He was just trying to stop the train, so the kid could get on.

Hey, what gives? It was five minutes until midnight four minutes ago.

Just Remember, The True Spirit Of Christmas Lies In Your Heart.

Here We Only Got One Rule / Never, Ever Let It Cool.

The bell still rings for all who truly believe

Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see.

Well, the wind blew it out of my hand. You can have my ticket!

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