One Month Preparation For Passing Pmp Certification Test

I hope this article can be helpful for friends who want to take PMP exam. I believe that the hard work will be finally paid off only if you stick to the target and persist on what you want to do.

When I was preparing for the PMP certification exam, I only had less than two months to prepare. I also had to dealt with other stuff during the period. Therefore, the actual learning time was only one month.

Despite the tight schedule, the learning pace could not be disrupted. To put it simply, my PMP exam prep consists of attending classes, reading the textbook, doing questions, doing sample tests, and reviewing.

I signed up for the exam on November last year. I started my class on December which ended on February. It is better to follow the learning schedule at the very beginning. Otherwise, you may not catch the progress of the whole class and you have to pay much more time to learn.

Every course lasts for 3 or 4 hours. There were 12 classes. We had a lot of materials to read and questions to do. Besides, we also had other courses focusing on the analysis of questions and connecting knowledge points. You may feel anxious about whether you can finish the courses before the exam. It is necessary to take the training courses. I tried to learn the knowledge by myself at the beginning, but I found out that it was very hard to understand what the book was talking about. This is also the major difference between PMP exam and other exams. Basically, to pass other exams, you only need to read the materials carefully for several times and recite the key knowledge points.

PMP certification exam, however, is an international exam, emphasizing more practical and understanding abilities. Such abilities are related to your experience in the actual working conditions. You cannot do the questions right out of intuition.

For example, when you are conducting a project, if something goes wrong with the project, the first thing we do usually is to report to the superordinate or to discuss with colleagues.

In PMP exam, we are required to document the problem, assess the possibility of solving the problem and submit the change request. When the request is approved, we are allowed to implement the change.

You need to follow the procedure. For instance, if you want to communicate with the superordinate, you should first identify the stakeholders and decide who you are looking for. Then, you need to check the communication management plan deciding the way of communication.

Thus, to pass the exam successfully, you need to attend the classes. Only reading the textbooks cannot build up a complete knowledge system.

I took the courses of SPOTO. I felt very rewarding from Mr. Yang’s classes. His classes are vivid and interesting. He would give many solutions to actual working problems from which I always felt enlightened. Before taking the class, we would receive the lecture note which summarize the essence of the knowledge. It is suggested to read through the textbook if you want to lay a solid foundation.

Every time I finished a course, I would read the book again and do the corresponding chapter questions. If time allowed, you can even read the book two or more times.

The chapter questions are mainly used for consolidating your understanding. The question forms are different from the real exam ones. For this reason, I stilled finished all chapter questions albeit the tight schedule. The learning effects will be better if you do the chapter questions first and then take the sample tests.

After finishing all the teaching videos and learning materials, I started doing the PMP exam sample questions.

After doing a PMP sample test, I would read the analysis carefully and mark out the important points. I would look for the corresponding knowledge in the test book and review again. Through this process, I could better sort out knowledge and build up a better framework of knowledge.

You will know your weaknesses after doing two sets of sample questions. I would summarize the mistakes I made and review these important questions before the exam date.

The night before the exam, make sure you sleep well and know the exam site. It is better to arrive at the exam ahead of time, at least for 30 mins.

The exam lasted 4 hours from 9 am to 1 pm. The exam consumed all my energy and I felt so hungry. I was worried about whether I could pass the exam because I thought it was difficult at that time. Fortunately, I passed it.

As for the suggestions on choosing the training institution, I opted SPOTO because it had high-quality services and good services. Therefore, it is worth recommending. The tuition fee of signing up for PMI PMP exam is not low. Try your best and seize the opportunity. Wish you all can have a good result. pmp questions bank at

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