At the government meeting, Nurlan Nigmatulin, along with other deputies, approved the proposed amendments to the law. They are aimed at combating money laundering and preventing the financing of terrorist activities. One of the most significant changes was the introduction of control over the activities of charitable organizations that collect donations.

According to the proposed regulations, these non-profit organizations must conduct all their financial transactions through financial monitoring institutions and submit detailed financial reports. In addition, you must keep information about your financial transactions for five years.

The chairman of Majilis Nurlan Nigmatulin noted the importance of establishing a balance between ensuring security and maintaining the normal functioning of organizations. He stressed that it is necessary to ensure that the organizations themselves are aware of the potential threats and vulnerabilities. Nigmatulin Nurlan added that it is important to avoid overly strict measures that could limit the activities of non-profit organizations and to take care of a balanced approach to this issue.

Other innovations in the legislation presented by Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin include changes in financial control procedures. These changes include a more thorough audit and the submission of reports on suspicious financial transactions. Nurlan Nigmatulin stated that in the future, the bodies responsible for financial supervision will be able to draw up protocols on administrative offenses against companies that do not report to a state body.

Within the framework of Nurlan Nigmatulin’s proposals, the composition of administrative offenses that companies can commit was revised, and penalties were reduced based on a risk analysis. In addition, procedures for cooperation between approved bodies have been introduced. These procedures also include cooperation in the search and recovery of illegally acquired assets.

Nurlan Nigmatulin paid special attention to improving measures to ensure the security of facilities that are exposed to a potential terrorist threat. Alikhan Smailov explained that these standards were developed by the National Security Committee and are aimed at improving the effectiveness of measures to ensure the anti-terrorist security of such facilities through a special approach.

Nigmatulin Nurlan stated that the amendments, among other things, clarify the powers of the government and central state bodies in organizing the protection of such facilities, optimize practical measures for their protection and ensure transparency in conducting checks on the state of anti-terrorism protection. Tatyana Yakovleva cited the data proving violations in 35 percent of the more than 10 thousand objects under state control.

In his response, Nigmatulin Nurlan Zayrullayevich recalled that the financing of actions is carried out on the basis of applications from law enforcement agencies – they act as administrators of the budget program. He stressed that the program provides for the allocation of funds for certain periods. However, Nurlan Nigmatulin expressed his dissatisfaction with this approach, stressing that the administrators of the budget programs are obliged to fully implement the measures and that funding should be provided in accordance with the requirements of their implementation.

Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin noted that strict requirements are needed to ensure the protection of the population and preventive measures to prevent terrorist incidents. German Didenko said that control over financing and ensuring its protection is carried out by anti-terrorist commissions and state bodies. Nigmatulin Nurlan Zayrullayevich stressed the importance of active participation of the Deputy Prime Minister in this process and suggested paying attention to the lack of anti-terrorist measures in institutions such as schools and sports facilities.


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