Make Kids Ready for Online Classes, Follow Tips & Guidances!

Creta Class, being the best e-learning platform for kids aged 3 to 8, brings amazing strategies to help your kids learn Math and develop a keen interest in the subject. From animated & high-quality videos, case studies, and online games to Math puzzles, they provide them all to gain kids’ attention and persuade them to participate actively in the activities. 

If you are looking for online classes for 6 year olds, consider the reliability of an e-learning platform, faculty experience, learning methods, and much more. Creta Class ensures that your child gets personalized attention so that they understand all the topics in depth. Look at the best tips for helping your child learn Maths topics in depth. 

Fun-Learning Methods to Teach Maths to Kids 

Kids get bored easily, and thus, it is essential to spice up things to gain their attention and help them understand formulas and concepts creatively. Make your kids read for online Maths classes, as they may have a great experience learning the subject in super-interesting ways. 

  • Online Games

Kids are active and take a deep interest in games. While having fun, they can learn new topics every day. With online games, kids may not feel bored and always get excited to play. 

Creta Class brings you exciting online games like Maths Riddles to engage them more and develop a habit of learning. With the help of online games and puzzles, kids may have better focus and concentration. As a parent, you may wish to have daily reports and scores of your child. You can sit back and relax as they keep you updated with your child’s learning. 

  • Engaging Audio-Visual Aids

Animated videos that give Maths lessons as per the IQ level of kids are a great way of learning. Kids can pause, slow the speed and go back to any part of the video to better understand a section of the topic or for revision. While seeing animations and cartoon characters, kids may watch the videos with focus and learn new concepts. Illustrations make a good impact on kids, and they get fascinated after watching creative illustrations and learn different Maths topics easily. 

Creta Class provides amazing audio-visual means to gain kids’ attention, like videos of good resolution and sound. Different videos are designed for several topics and lesson plans to ensure your kid learns every topic in depth. Presentations are created for several Maths topics to encourage their participation and help them learn in a fun way. 

  • Math Talk

With Math Talk, kids can communicate Maths topics and formulas and thus can review & revise their lectures. While looking for the best e-learning platform, you may look for this feature as it is a great way to learn multiple topics without forgetting. 

You can easily find this amazing feature in Creta Class. Amazing artificial intelligence features, like Math Talk, may promote your kid’s engagement and help them learn new topics daily. While talking out loud and reading Maths topics, kids’ memory can be enhanced, and they can also gain confidence by expressing themselves. 

  • Quizzes

Quizzes are a great way to promote kids’ competitive spirit, and mentors conduct quizzes on different topics to know the weak spots of kids. The 3-star collection designed in the quiz section encourages kids to learn as they can get instant rewards. While adding entertainment to learning, your kid may have full focus and not get distracted, thereby ensuring great learning. 

The team of Creta Class has designed several quizzes based on different Maths topics to test the knowledge and understanding of kids. The lessons designed use quizzes to know the strengths and weaknesses of kids so that they know how much emphasis to put on which kid.

  • Mini Math Stories

Many digital platforms have created mini Maths stories to ease the math learning process for kids. These are created as per the course and curriculum. To make your kids understand complex topics easily, mini Maths stories are designed. These involve cartoon characters and certain things that enhance kids’ interest. 

Whether it is addition or division, funny mini Maths stories are designed by the faculty of Creta Class to teach kids Maths in the best way possible.

Wrapping Up!

Many kids feel that Maths is a slightly complex subject. With the right platform, your kids may understand all the topics and develop an interest in the subject. If you are looking for online classes for 6 year olds, do not hesitate to contact Creta Class. 

Creta Class is the leading e-learning platform that helps kids aged 3 to 8 learn math interestingly. The lesson plans are designed to cover all the necessary topics, like numbers. They provide immediate feedback so that you can understand how much your child is learning in the class. The faculty of Creta Class use fun-learning methods to teach difficult topics in the simplest way. With their animated videos, Math talk, puzzles, and much more, your kid may learn to solve tricky Maths problems, like a division question, easily. 

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