Know More About Selling Industrial Equipment

Selling industrial equipment is an efficient way for companies to capitalize on the latent value of used machinery. Whether upgrading production machinery, closing a plant, or simply clearing away outdated equipment from storage facilities, selling used industrial machinery can save them money and reduce expenses.

There are various means by which industrial equipment can be sold online, such as marketplace websites, brokers and auctions. When selling highly sought-after items it can be advantageous to do it via auction as this creates more of a bidding war among buyers.


Internet has become an indispensable platform for selling industrial equipment. Contractors have taken to creating websites to highlight their products, which attract potential customers and boost profits. But selecting an ideal platform for your business is crucial – one with high-quality images, descriptions, and videos will guarantee its success.

Industrial equipment can also be sold online using marketplace or auction websites, which specialize in specific fields of equipment and have large databases of buyers – so buyers can easily locate what they’re searching for without the hassle of attending actual auctions.

One popular marketplace is eBay, offering both new and pre-owned items for sale. This makes it an excellent platform to quickly offload heavy equipment. Another option for selling used industrial machinery quickly is Texas-based MachinesUsed which provides both online auctions and consignment sales; they specialize in handling every aspect of a transaction process for you.

Social media

Online marketplaces can be an efficient way to sell used industrial equipment. Options range from general sites, like Craigslist, to those more specialized like MachineryTrader and IronPlanet; however, getting your equipment noticed among all of the listings can be challenging; to maximize your odds of selling quickly use one with auction or consignment options.

Promote your equipment via social media by posting photos of it to platforms like Facebook and Instagram, helping potential buyers visualize what they are purchasing. Furthermore, recording videos showing it in action would also prove effective.

Reputable auction websites require their buyers to be validated prior to transacting on the platform, helping to reduce risk for sellers and dispute. Aucto is one such platform which offers both Online Auction and Buy Now listing formats as well as monthly Multi-Shop auctions for consigned pieces and features a Trade-In program where equipment owners can trade in their equipment for new or pre-owned ones.

Email marketing

There are a variety of online marketing techniques that can assist in selling industrial equipment, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing and email prospecting. All these channels generate high-quality leads which allow you to find customers and sellers.

PPC advertising is an ideal method for heavy equipment sales because it enables marketers to specifically target keywords and locations. Ads displayed via PPC appear on search engine results pages as well as user feeds, videos, and website pages – making this strategy particularly suitable for B2B construction and industrial equipment companies.

Buyers of industrial equipment are in search of great bargains and often sort search results by price. Be realistic in your pricing and don’t try to oversell. Additionally, being open about its condition will increase its chance of sale – both buyers and yourself will appreciate your honesty!

Direct mail

Direct mail allows companies to reach individuals via postal mail with offers such as discounts, free trials or bill me later options; premiums or sweepstakes. Lists used to target recipients often come from consumer data like buyers of specific vehicle models or subscribers of specific publications; businesses can also utilize lists from people they have already sold or bought from in the past.

No matter if your company needs to sell industrial equipment itself or is managing the liquidation of another company, an effective marketing plan will enable your organization to reach the intended audience and achieve your sales goals. Furthermore, having such a plan in place ensures compliance with federal regulations.

Some of the most effective channels for selling industrial equipment include selling online and at auctions. Professional auctioneers usually oversee in-person industrial equipment auctions while online auction sites like eBay provide specific sections dedicated to heavy equipment and machinery sales.

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