Many home sellers bump into the same questions before listing and marketing their property. Is it worth revamping the “old lady” before selling it? If the answer is yes, then how much money should they pour into it so that their investments can turn a profit? And where to start with their home improvements?

The American housing market is tight, and selling your house as is might only convince some potential homebuyers. The rest want the top quality money can buy. How should you, the home seller approach this delicate subject? To begin with, we recommend upgrading your home with a thorough paint job inside and outside!

Experts agree: a stylish repaint job can perform miracles on your home!

Suppose you wish to look behind the curtains and inform yourself as much as possible about the topical market conditions before selling your property. Then, your best choice is to contact established and experienced local real estate agents in your neighborhood!

These agents are at the top of their game regarding real estate comps, regional market tendencies, and trends for 2023. Looking at the big picture, they can form an educated opinion about your chances of selling your house. In addition, they will suggest the   to boost your ROI!

By all means, they will too agree that a skillful, stylish, and budget-friendly practical paint job will astonish your homebuyers. Let’s discover essential aspects of a house where to apply your paintbrush!

Assess your house before the paint job!

Before diving into the repainting process:

  1. Take the time to assess your house’s current condition.
  2. Identify areas that require attention, outside and inside.
  3. Make a checklist of the doors, trims, surfaces, walls, and windows that need repainting.
  4. Address any damages, mold, decay, or flaking paint, and confirm the surfaces are dry and clean before starting the project.

Apply a brand-new coat of paint to the exterior!

We must emphasize the significance of a well-executed and catchy outside repaint job! Your buyers will form their first opinion about their potential new home based on its appearance. So, it would be best to improve your home’s curb appeal with these steps:

Clean the surface!

You must remove dirt, mildew, and loose paint. For this reason, pressure wash or scrub the exterior surfaces! A clean surface ensures better fixing and a prolonged life span of the new paint.

Repair and prime!

Fix any cracks, holes, or damaged areas on the exterior. Not addressing these flaws will result in a lousy job and reduce your chances of getting a high revenue. Your home appraisal won’t look good, either. Once repaired, apply a primer to create a soft surface and boost paint adhesion.

Which color should you pick for your external repaint?

Neutral colors will always be winners due to their broad appeal. Moreover, they blend excellently with your neighborhood’s aesthetics. You may consider bright and unconventional colors. However, they can scare off potential buyers. So stick to classic hues and shades that encapsulate a sense of warmth and cleanliness!

Apply paint!

Use high-quality exterior (acrylic) paint! Check whether the substance is weather-resistant and durable. Apply the dye evenly with brushes, sprayers, or rollers. Consistent coverage is critical, and so is avoiding streaks or drips. Specialists ranked the upcoming top exterior paints high: BEHR Premium Plus Exterior Paint and Primer in One and Diamond Brite Oil Base Enamel.

Get the main features into the spotlight!

Everybody loves to admire a building’s unique architectural features. Your house shouldn’t be an exception! Capture your buyers’ visual interest by repainting the shutters, doors, and trim in a complementary color. For instance, complementary to red is green, i.e., blue combines with yellow. Featuring these colors side-by-side results in mutual improvement of your house’s color intensity.

Let’s double down on your efforts! Next step: interior repaint!

Showing your home’s immaculate interior part is as important as its exterior. Before a creative DIY home improvement session, imagine yourself in the place of your homebuyers. What sells your property faster? Essentially, you must pay attention to two aspects: the repaint must influence the buyer’s perception of comfort and space.

Repair and prep

You can’t expect miracles from a simple repaint job! Recoloring your walls won’t mend holes and irregularities. So, inspect your walls for damage, cracks, or nail holes. Repair and level these areas before painting. Clean the walls to remove dust and grime. These two are paint adhesion’s archenemies.

Stick to a neutral color palette!

Similar to the exterior, neutral colors work best for interior walls. Light tones (beige, grey, and white) turn any room into a more spacious haven. They invite and enable potential buyers to envision their personal belongings and (why not?) life in the space.

However, you can spruce your place with unexpected color combinations, still in perfect harmony with neutral tones. Try blue and beige, blue and neon, light blue and emerald, forest green and light grey, etc. For the more experimentalists, we suggest going with pink and green, black, navy, and beige, perhaps, hunter green and red.

Don’t be thrifty and choose quality paint!

Buy premium quality interior paint! Super quality interior paints, such as Beht Dynsasty, Behr Marquee, Valspar Reserve, and HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Showcase, guarantee fantastic coverage for your walls and ceilings! Plus, they have a low VOC (volatile organic compound) content. Therefore, they will ensure a healthier environment for buyers.

Paint systematically!

Rushing repainting your rooms will do you or your home no good. Start with one room at a time! Thus, you can avoid overwhelming yourself; consistency in the paint finish is vital. Use brushes or rollers for the walls! Additionally, apply small brushes for corners and edges!

The devil lies in the details.

You would be surprised how many eagle-eyed prospective buyers will scrutinize the little details in your kitchen, bathroom, and living room. For this reason, we recommend repainting crown moldings, baseboards, and doors. As a result, you can give the entire space an exciting spin and a fresh and cohesive look. A well-maintained and repainted interior reflects care and attention to detail. It transmits the message: buy me!


Everybody knows the trials and tribulations the US real estate market is momentarily going through, such as inflationary tendencies, expensive properties, and high mortgage rates, to mention a few. Buyers and investors are limited in their scope of action. Still, necessity can be the mother of all inventions for creative home sellers. So, why wouldn’t you experiment with innovative methods to sell a house during inflation?

For starters, we suggest you repaint the outside and inside of your house. A repaint job can substantially enhance its appeal and make it more attractive to potential buyers. If you think about it, the whole process comes down to these fundamentals. Tidy up the surface you’re about to paint! Address any irregularities, like holes, and fix them! Select your colors carefully! Maintain consistency in your colors! The less is more, so apply muted, neutral, and toned-down colors like white and beige. Yet, invest in superior quality paints!

Whether you take on the task yourself or hire professionals, a fresh coat of paint can be a game-changer. It will increase your chances of a profitable sale! Remember, first impressions matter and a well-painted home can forever impact potential buyers!

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