A class action lawsuit is where a plaintiff files suit on behalf of a larger group of people. Vehicle owners of Hyundai and Kia automobiles are reporting multiple transmission malfunctions that could present a danger to other drivers and passengers on the roadways. Driving on America’s roads is dangerous enough without the added hazards of defective parts on a vehicle. A malfunctioning vehicle increases the dangers already sustained by passenger vehicle drivers.

Unscrupulous manufacturers often ignore the fact that they are producing and distributing defective vehicles that present a substantial danger to drivers and passengers. If your Hyundai or Kia vehicle is experiencing a transmission failure despite the proper care, consider joining the Kia & Hyundai Defects Lawsuit today. It’s the best way to hold vehicle manufacturers responsible for their business practices and the products they distribute. Here’s more about possible action against Kia and Hyundai.

Failing or Defective Transmission

You know your vehicle, and when your transmission isn’t functioning properly, it’s pretty obvious. You may notice your ‘Check Engine’ light on or see transmission fluid on the ground under your car. Your vehicle may have trouble staying in gear, and your vehicle may seem to lose power at times. Your engine or transmission can make weird noises, like clunking or buzzing noises.

These are the most common signs that your transmission may be failing or completely defective. If you believe your Kia or Hyundai may have a defective transmission, contact experienced auto defect attorneys today. They can review your case and determine if your specific model vehicle may be affected or if you should consider participating in a lawsuit against a manufacturer.

Additional Dangers

Many of these vehicles have Intelligent Variable Transmission (IVT) versions in multiple makes, models, and years. These transmissions can be prone to slipping or overheating, causing the vehicle to jump forward or possibly even catch fire unexpectedly. There are several moving parts in a vehicle’s gearbox which can present multiple hazards to drivers and passengers if any of the parts fail.

When a transmission slips, it can cause the car to lunge forward and unexpectedly plow into the vehicle in front of it, posing a serious threat. A transmission that completely fails while driving will stop accelerating, and the vehicle will eventually come to a stop. This can be incredibly dangerous on a busy road or freeway with heavy traffic traveling at high rates of speed.

Join the Kia & Hyundai Defects Lawsuit Today

If you own a Kia or Hyundai vehicle and the transmission is showing obvious signs of failure, contact reliable auto defect attorneys today. Set up a consultation regarding your vehicle and the trouble you’ve had with your transmission to see if you should join the Kia & Hyundai Lawsuit. Vehicle manufacturers should not be allowed to continue unscrupulous marketing or business practices when they know that severe defects seriously threaten drivers and passengers on the road. Even if you own one of these vehicles and you just have questions, ask about the Kia & Hyundai Lawsuit today and get answers.

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