How To Zoom on Instagram

Zooming on Instagram is a common concern among many users. Whether you're attempting to create a zoomed-in Instagram story or view a post and want to zoom in or out, understanding the process can
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Zooming on Instagram is a common concern among many users. Whether you’re attempting to create a zoomed-in Instagram story or view a post and want to zoom in or out, understanding the process can enhance your experience and add an element of fun to it.

Moreover, there are several techniques for zooming on Instagram, particularly when producing an Instagram story. With the right approach, the process is straightforward and easy to navigate.

The most straightforward approach to zooming on Instagram involves using the standard mode, where you pinch the screen to zoom in and pinch out to zoom out. This technique works well when viewing Instagram posts or crafting an Instagram story. To create a zoomed-in Instagram story, you can use various methods such as Boomerang, hands-free mode, or the standard mode.

How To Zoom on Instagram

When scrolling through Instagram, you may come across posts that appear blurry or unclear, requiring you to zoom in for a more precise view. Additionally, you may need to zoom in to capture a specific detail when sharing content on your Instagram post.

For instance, if you intend to post a live video, but are far from the scene, zooming in becomes crucial.

But how can you zoom in on Instagram effectively?

The simplest approach to zooming in on Instagram, whether creating a new story or post, is by using the normal mode. This involves pinching the screen in or out to adjust the level of zoom.

To zoom in on an Instagram post, pinch the screen to zoom in on the video or picture. Conversely, pinch out the screen to zoom out.

However, it’s worth noting that while you can zoom in on a video in an Instagram post, the same cannot be said for Instagram stories.

How To Zoom When Creating an Instagram Story

Engaging with your audience on Instagram requires the use of clear and well-zoomed content, particularly when using Instagram Stories.

Fortunately, there are three reliable techniques to zoom in on an Instagram story.

Method #1: Using Normal Mode

To achieve optimal results when recording your video, it is essential to exercise vigilance in the normal mode. Here are some steps to guide you through the process:

  1. Launch your Instagram account.
  2. Swipe left to activate the camera mode.
  3. Press and hold the record button to commence recording.
  4. To zoom in, slide your finger upward while holding the record button. Conversely, to zoom out, move your finger downward.

Method #2: Using Boomerang Mode

Instagram provides the Boomerang mode as a feature to help users create captivating Instagram stories. Moreover, by utilizing the following steps, you can leverage the “Superzoom” functionality to further enhance your content:

  1. Launch the Instagram app and swipe left to access the camera mode.
  2. Locate the arrow icon on the top of the screen and select the “Boomerang” option.
  3. While recording in Boomerang mode, press and hold the record button. Then, slide your finger upward to zoom in or downward to zoom out.
  4. Once you have captured your desired shot, release the button. Your video will automatically appear zoomed, and you can proceed to share it to your story.

Method #3: Using Hands-Free Mode

To execute the two techniques outlined above, it is necessary to hold down the record button while concurrently manipulating your fingers to zoom in or out.

Nevertheless, the hands-free mode operates differently from the previous two methods. The procedure for using this mode is as follows:

  1. Swipe left on your Instagram app to access the camera mode.
  2. Pinch your screen to zoom in before pressing the record button.
  3. After the screen has zoomed in to your preferred level, proceed to tap the record button.
  4. Your device will then commence recording your video in the zoomed state, without requiring you to move your fingers throughout the recording process.


Acquiring the skill of zooming on Instagram constitutes an added advantage towards enriching your user experience on the platform. This guide has furnished you with diverse methods to zoom in on Instagram stories or posts. We encourage you to experiment with them and enhance your content.

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