How To Spot a Narcissist on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform that is used by millions of people across the globe. By examining an individual's profile page on Instagram, one can gain valuable insight into their personality based on the types

Instagram is a popular social media platform that is used by millions of people across the globe. By examining an individual’s profile page on Instagram, one can gain valuable insight into their personality based on the types of photos they share and the captions they use. For instance, it is possible to discern whether a person is modest, introspective, or self-confident, as well as whether they display narcissistic tendencies.

To identify a narcissist on Instagram, one should pay close attention to the content of their posts and captions. Typically, a narcissist’s profile will feature flashy and self-promoting photos, accompanied by captions that boast about their accomplishments and present an overly optimistic outlook on life. Additionally, a narcissist will often fail to display empathy towards others and have a tendency to make everything about themselves. These telltale signs are often quite conspicuous and can be easily spotted with careful observation.

Who Is a Narcissist?

Narcissism is a personality disorder characterized by an individual’s belief that they are superior and special compared to others. Consequently, those affected by narcissism often behave in a manner that suggests that nothing else in the world matters aside from themselves, and they tend to steer conversations towards their own interests and accomplishments.

Narcissists have a tendency to take all the credit for things they are involved in and can become overly preoccupied with their physical appearance. They are inclined to take numerous selfies and share them on social media, along with captions that focus solely on themselves. A narcissistic individual is typically unconcerned with the needs, opinions, or problems of others, and even when they do display some interest in others, it is usually done with the aim of making the situation all about themselves.

A narcissist will meet at least five of these attributes:

Individuals exhibiting traits such as self-admiration, self-importance, and a delusional sense of entitlement, as well as those who believe that others are envious of them and lack empathy, are often associated with narcissistic behavior. Such individuals may also falsely associate themselves with high-status people or places, display arrogance, and harbor fantasies about limitless success, power, wealth, beauty, love, and brilliance.

One can often identify whether an individual exhibits these traits by examining their Instagram profile.

How To Recognize a Narcissist by Their Instagram Profile Page

Numerous studies conducted in colleges and universities over the years have demonstrated that it is possible to identify individuals with narcissistic traits through their social media profiles. As previously established, a person’s posts and written content on social media can reveal their personality, even if they try to conceal it.

In fact, social media platforms can act as an enabler of narcissistic behavior because individuals with such tendencies often desire attention and a platform to showcase their lives, regardless of whether others are interested.

For this reason, narcissists often derive pleasure from the attention they receive from others, which enables them to showcase their lifestyles. As such, we have summarized some of the ways through which one can identify a narcissist on social media.

Narcissists Will Post Excessive Photos About Their Life

Instagram is a popular platform that enables users to share special moments with their friends and preserve them as lasting memories. However, individuals with narcissistic tendencies may view every moment as an opportunity to showcase themselves. As a result, they may excessively post photos by the minute or hour, primarily selfies that showcase luxury items or grandiose locations.

Furthermore, if a narcissist is passionate about fitness, they may provide updates about their body’s smallest changes and provide details about the ease or difficulty of achieving those changes in comparison to others.

Additionally, if a narcissist takes a group photo, they may crop out others to ensure the focus remains on them.

Captions Focused on Self-Importance and Admiration

A narcissist’s captions on Instagram are often centered on self-admiration and their perceived importance. While some Instagram users may caption their posts with a simple word or phrase describing the content of their photo, a narcissist will often provide lengthy captions detailing their own accomplishments, possessions, or self-love.

Even if the subject of the post is a group effort, a narcissist’s caption will inevitably focus solely on themselves. When posting a group photo, the caption will likely highlight their individual role in the event rather than the group as a whole.

Attach Themselves to Celebrities and Important Personalities on Instagram

A narcissist may attempt to associate themselves with celebrities and public figures, even if they have no direct relationship with them. They may post a photo or story about an event where they allegedly “met” a celebrity and engaged in conversation about past experiences, even if the “meeting” was merely a sighting of the celebrity in the area.

Narcissists may fabricate stories about unrelated events as long as they involve a public figure. You may see captions about how hard work can lead to the status and level they have attained, allowing them to socialize with people of high status.

Thinks They’re Entitled to Your Attention and Follow

On Instagram, narcissists aim to captivate your attention with their lavish lifestyle, which they hope will gain your admiration and convert you into a dedicated follower. In their captions, you will see them making a plea for more followers, urging you to join their exclusive circle for more “tips” on how to attain the same luxurious lifestyle as they have. Some of them will even make it sound like it’s imperative that you follow their account or risk being a failure in life.

However, it’s important to remember that their only objective is to feed their ego by obtaining validation, engagement, and publicity. Falling prey to their manipulative captions would only serve to boost their already inflated sense of self-importance.


Following a narcissist on Instagram may cause you to devalue your own life in comparison to theirs. Narcissists are highly self-absorbed and exhibit various negative traits that can be detrimental to your own self-worth. Therefore, it is best to steer clear of such accounts when you spot these signs.


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