How To Share Ufone Balance? Ufone Balance Share Code 2023

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How To Share Ufone Balance? Ufone Balance Share Code 2023

Ufone allows its customers to share their mobile balance with other users. You can share your Ufone balance with other Ufone users in Pakistan like Jazz, Telenor, and Zong. This Ufone Balance Share service is beneficial if you want to share your account balance.

If you are running short of balance to subscribe to packages, make a call or send an SMS, the Ufone balance sharing service will make it possible. You can request your friends and family members by sharing balance in a simple way.

How To Share Ufone Balance?

There are two ways to share Ufone balance for the customers. Let’s explain both one by one.

  • Ufone Balance Share Code
  • My Ufone App

Ufone Balance Share Code 2023

The first method to share Ufone balance is through a code. A Ufone customer can share a balance by dialing *828*User Number*Amount To Be Shared#. The user has to reply with 1 to allow Ufone for the balance sharing after the verification.

For example in the first step dial *828*03xxxxxxxx*50#, Then a follow-up message will show on your screen to confirm your balance transfer. Reply with 1 to confirm the balance sharing. Now the balance will be successfully transferred to the mentioned phone number.

Ufone users can share a 600 pkr balance per transaction and a maximum of 4 transactions per day. Ufone super card balance can not be shared with others. A user must have consumed a minimum of 150 pkr to avail U balance share service.

Ufone charges 4.78 pkr for each balance sharing transaction as a service fee. Which may change with time.

My Ufone App

My Ufone App is the secondary option to share Ufone balance. Just log in or sign up to Ufone App and open the balance sharing option from the homepage.

Add the required number and amount to be shared. Now press Yes to complete your transaction.

Final Words On Share Ufone Balance

Ufone terms and conditions are also applied to the Ufone balance sharing service. The Ufone Balance Share code is subject to change with time. If it is not working visit Ufone’s Official Website for the latest information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Transfer Balance From Ufone To Ufone?

Use Ufone balance sharing code *828*User Number*Amount To Be Shared# or My Ufone App to transfer the balance from Ufone To Ufone.

How To Transfer Balance From Ufone To Other Network?

Ufone doesn’t allow to transfer of balance from Ufone to other networks.

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