How To Share a Spotify Song on Instagram

In the year 2018, Instagram debuted a novel feature that enabled users to share their favorite Spotify tracks with their followers, thereby augmenting the user experience.
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In the year 2018, Instagram debuted a novel feature that enabled users to share their favorite Spotify tracks with their followers, thereby augmenting the user experience.

In light of the fact that numerous users frequently upload stories accompanied by music, the utilization of third-party tools has often failed to provide an optimal experience for Instagram users as they create their stories.

If you happen to be seeking methods for sharing Spotify tracks on Instagram, we implore you to peruse further and uncover the techniques for achieving this feat.

Facilitating the sharing of Spotify tracks on Instagram is a simple process that involves the sharing of the link to the song. Upon clicking on the shared link, users are redirected to Spotify where they may enjoy the music in question.
To share a song, simply access it on Spotify, click on the three-dot icon to unveil the share menu, and subsequently select Instagram. Upon completion of this process, the track will be automatically shared on your Instagram story, with the option for viewers to tap on the link to initiate playback of the song on Spotify.

Numerous users have encountered obstacles preventing them from sharing their preferred Spotify tracks on Instagram. This guide aims to elucidate the feasibility of sharing Spotify songs on Instagram and further elucidate what actions one may take if the “share” button does not appear while utilizing the Spotify application. Additionally, the process for sharing a Spotify song on Instagram will be outlined.

Without further ado, let us commence with the guidelines for achieving this feat.

Can You Share a Spotify Song on Instagram?

In the event that your endeavors to share your preferred track on Instagram have proven unsuccessful, you may find yourself questioning the feasibility of such an undertaking. Instagram, in its efforts to optimize the user experience, has streamlined the process of sharing songs from Spotify, enabling users to do so with ease.

It is worth noting that, while sharing a song’s link is a viable option for sharing the song with your followers, it is not feasible to share a Spotify song with sound on Instagram.

Should you encounter difficulties locating the “share” button and subsequently sharing the song on Instagram, the following steps may prove to be of assistance.

Fix #1: Restart Spotify

At times, one may encounter an issue whereby the “share” option to Instagram is not available while utilizing Spotify. In such cases, restarting the Spotify application may prove to be an effective solution.

Additionally, restarting Instagram and verifying the availability of the “share” button is also recommended in cases where the option fails to appear.

Fix #2: Update the App

It is worth noting that outdated applications may lack the latest features, thereby rendering certain functions inaccessible. As such, it is imperative to ensure that both your Spotify and Instagram applications are updated to the latest version.

To accomplish this, simply navigate to the Play Store (or App Store for iOS), and verify if updates are available for Spotify and Instagram. After successfully updating both applications, attempt to share your preferred song once more.

How To Share a Spotify Song on Instagram

Sharing your preferred Spotify songs on Instagram is a straightforward process when utilizing either an Android or iPhone device. However, it is not possible to execute this task when utilizing a desktop computer.

To share a Spotify song on Instagram using your mobile device, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Spotify application.
  2. Navigate to the music you wish to share on your Instagram story.
  3. Locate and tap the three-dot icon adjacent to the song.
  4. Select the “Share” option from the menu and select Instagram from the available applications.
  5. The Instagram mobile app will automatically launch. Choose the “Your story” option to proceed.
  6. Enhance your story by adding other creative elements such as GIFs before posting it to your story.


Spotify users can now conveniently share their preferred music with friends through a newly-introduced share button feature. This option is accessible to both premium and free Spotify users, but it does not directly share the song’s sound.

However, if you encounter difficulties while attempting to share a Spotify song, do not worry. This guide offers effective solutions to fix the issue and help you easily share your favorite tunes with friends on the platform.

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