How To Make Your Instagram Bio Two Lines

Proper formatting of your Instagram bio is essential in creating an attractive profile. Adding line breaks and proper spacing enhances the readability of your bio, making it more appealing to your audience.
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Proper formatting of your Instagram bio is essential in creating an attractive profile. Adding line breaks and proper spacing enhances the readability of your bio, making it more appealing to your audience.

In addition, a well-formatted Instagram bio can make you stand out, particularly if you are a brand. Your bio serves as the first impression you make on people, and making it easy to read can be incredibly beneficial.

There are several techniques that can assist in creating a concise two-line Instagram bio. The first method involves utilizing the “Enter” key to introduce a line break. Another approach is to leverage a notes application to meticulously compose and format the bio, incorporating proper spacing and line breaks, before ultimately copying it into the Instagram bio field. Additionally, strategically incorporating symbols and emojis can be a practical means of adding line breaks to your bio, presenting an aesthetically pleasing format for viewers.

In the following discussion, we will explore the advantages of incorporating two lines within your Instagram bio. Subsequently, we will examine three distinct methods for introducing line breaks and formatting your bio. Are you prepared? Let us delve into the details.

Why Add Lines to Your Instagram Bio?

Although it is not a requirement, opting for a two-line Instagram bio may be the most optimal choice for those who value a polished presentation and visually appealing formatting. Utilizing multiple lines in your Instagram bio provides several advantages,

such as:

  • You can easily add more information without messing with the appearance.
  • Allows neatly using multiple hashtags.
  • Your Instagram bio looks more professional.
  • You get to break your information while maintaining an appealing appearance easily.
  • Your Instagram bio becomes more readable to your audience.

Incorporating additional lines and spaces into your Instagram bio does not pose any negative consequences. If you are interested in reaping the benefits mentioned above, continue reading to learn two methods for crafting a two-line Instagram bio.

How To Make Your Instagram Bio Two Lines

Contrary to popular belief, incorporating spaces into your Instagram bio can prove to be a more intricate process than anticipated. If you are encountering difficulties, peruse the following three methods and adhere to the one that resonates most with your preferences.

Method #1: Use the “Enter” Key

With the advent of a recent Instagram update, integrating spaces into your Instagram bio has become increasingly effortless. Below are the steps required to achieve this on both Android and iPhone devices:

1.Open your Instagram account.

  1. Tap on your Instagram profile icon.
  2. Your profile page will open. Click the “Edit Profile” button.
  3. Click on “Bio” to edit your bio details.
  4. Type the information that you want to add to your bio. After the first line of your bio, click the “Enter” key.
  5. A new line will be added. Type the next details of your bio, then click the “Enter” key again to add a new line.

Thus concludes the simplest method for rendering your Instagram bio as a two-line format. It is crucial to note that this technique necessitates an updated version of the Instagram app. If this approach proves ineffective, kindly refer to the alternative methods listed below.

Method #2: Use a Notes App

Another hassle-free approach to producing a two-line Instagram bio involves utilizing a notes application. This method may also be employed for formatting comments on Instagram. To implement this technique on your Instagram mobile app, adhere to the subsequent steps:

  1. Open the Notes app on your phone.
  2. Type your bio on the notes app.
  3. To add a new line, copy these invisible spaces, [         ] then remove the brackets.
  4. Copy the bio draft on your notes app.
  5. Open Instagram and navigate to the “Edit profile” section.
  6. Under the “Bio” section, paste the copied draft, including the invisible spaces.

There you have it! You may duplicate and insert the concealed spaces at your discretion when introducing a new line to your bio.

Method #3: Use Symbols and Emojis

Symbols and emojis may also facilitate the inclusion of new lines within an Instagram bio. The strategy is to incorporate emojis or symbols like an asterisk (*), hyphen (-), or period (.) to serve as a divider between lines in your Instagram bio.

To begin, access your bio segment on Instagram and commence inputting your bio text. Append the symbols or emojis at each end of the line until a new line is produced. Subsequently, introduce your second bio line and continue appending symbols and emojis to generate additional lines on your Instagram bio.


An aesthetically pleasing Instagram bio has the potential to captivate and distinguish your profile from the crowd.

We have examined the advantages of implementing spaces within your Instagram bio and examined three user-friendly techniques for crafting a two-line Instagram bio.

There you have it, my friends. Endeavor to adopt the most straightforward method that aligns with your needs.

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