How To Like a Comment on Instagram?

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The comments section of Instagram can prove to be a fascinating and intriguing space. At times, comments even surpass the post itself in terms of engagement and entertainment value. The platform provides users with the freedom to express their opinions from behind a keyboard, which often leads to the development of inventive and imaginative content.

It is possible to identify the most popular comment based on the number of likes it has received. Should you wish to express appreciation for a particular comment, the option to “like” the comment is available. The question then arises, how can one accomplish this task?

To like a comment, begin by navigating to the relevant post and opening the comment section. Once within the comments, locate the comment that has captured your attention. Adjacent to the comment, you will notice a small heart icon. Select the heart icon to express your admiration for the comment. After clicking the heart button, it will turn red, indicating that you have successfully “liked” the comment.

Why Do We Like Comments on Instagram?

Comments serve as a platform for individuals to express their viewpoints on a given post. In the event that you appreciate a comment, the option to “like” it is available.

The reasons for liking a post on Instagram may vary. Firstly, liking a comment serves as a means of informing the commenter that their input has been positively received. This can arise from either genuine fondness for the comment or as an act of goodwill.

Secondly, users may choose to like comments to bolster the overall number of likes. As you may have observed while navigating the comments section of a post or meme, certain comments can amass thousands of likes. In this manner, liking a comment serves as a means of amplifying a voice within the virtual space.

For instance, in the context of a news post, if a user has expressed an opinion that garners widespread agreement, the number of likes amassed will indicate the degree to which this opinion is valued by the community.

Steps To Like a Comment on Instagram

Liking a comment on Instagram is a no-brainer if you know how to find the comments section of a post. This post will discuss the step-by-step process to help you like a comment quickly. 

Step #1: Launch Instagram and Log In

Upon launching the Instagram application on your device, kindly proceed to authenticate your credentials by logging into your account. Upon successful login, the application’s home page will be displayed on your device screen.

Step #2: Find the Post

To locate a post with an appealing comment, please scroll down from the home page until you come across one that captures your interest. Alternatively, if you already have a preferred comment in mind, you may navigate to the search section and input the username associated with the account that posted it. This will generate the corresponding results for you to access.

Step #3: Go to the Comments Section

Upon locating the post, a preview of the most recent comments will be visible directly beneath it. To access the full comment menu, kindly click on the comments section. Once opened, you will have access to the post’s caption and the complete list of comments. Please feel free to scroll through the list to find the comment that appeals to you.

Step #4: Like the Comment

Within the commenting section, you will notice a small heart-shaped icon positioned alongside each individual comment. By selecting the heart icon located in close proximity to the comment that resonates with you, the icon will transform into a vivid shade of red, indicating that the comment has been favorably acknowledged.

How Do You Unlike a Comment?

In the event that you have inadvertently liked a comment and wish to reverse the action, simply tap on the red heart icon once more. By doing so, the icon will revert to its original state, signaling that your like has been successfully retracted.


Familiarizing oneself with the intricacies and nuances of an application can prove instrumental in maintaining a current and engaged presence. To this end, the process of liking a comment on Instagram can be achieved effortlessly by following a few straightforward steps, thereby conveying one’s agreement with the expressed sentiment.


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