How To Go Viral on Instagram Reel

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In today’s digital age, creating viral content has become the ultimate goal for many social media users. With Instagram Reels, a new platform for sharing short and captivating videos, the opportunity to go viral has increased significantly. If you’re wondering how to increase the chances of your Reel reaching a wider audience, here are some tips to consider.

To maximize the chances of your Instagram Reel going viral, it’s important to create content that is both engaging and informative. High-quality production value and attention to detail in editing can also play a crucial role in gaining viewership. Furthermore, actively participating in the Reel community through interactions such as commenting and liking other users’ content can help increase the visibility and reach of your own videos.

10 Basic Tips To Go Viral on Instagram Reels

Aspiring to achieve viral status on Instagram Reels? Look no further than these tips, curated to assist in maximizing the reach and engagement of your content.

Focus on a Specific Niche or Topic

To achieve virality on Instagram Reels, it is important to establish a niche or topic that you specialize in. This approach can help you differentiate yourself from the competition and build a community of like-minded followers who will appreciate your content. By becoming known for your niche, users will be more likely to share your videos with their friends and followers.

To determine your niche, start by identifying your passions and interests. Consider the topics that you are knowledgeable about or enthusiastic to learn more about. Once you have narrowed down your options, conduct some research on popular hashtags and influencers within your chosen field. This will give you an idea of the type of content that is already available and what is currently popular.

Use Trending Music

To increase the likelihood of your Instagram Reel going viral, it is important to use trending music. As users are constantly seeking fresh and captivating content, incorporating popular music into your Reel can help you stand out and encourage others to share your content with their followers.

To incorporate trending music into your Instagram Reels, there are several methods you can employ. Firstly, you can conduct an online search to discover popular music tracks. Additionally, you can ask your acquaintances or relatives about the latest music they’re listening to. Moreover, you can peruse the charts of popular music streaming services such as iTunes or Spotify.

After discovering some trending music, you can integrate it into your Reel by downloading the song or including a clip from it. It is essential to credit the artist in your caption to allow others to locate the source conveniently. By following this approach, you can increase the likelihood of your Reel going viral.

Ensure Your Video Is High-Quality

To maximize your chances of your Instagram Reel going viral, it is crucial that you produce high-quality content. This entails ensuring that your video is well-lit, properly framed, and shot in high-definition. Furthermore, your audio should be crystal-clear, without any distracting background noise. By investing time and effort into the production quality of your Reel, you can capture the attention of your audience and increase the likelihood of your content being shared.

To create a high-quality Instagram Reel, you don’t necessarily need to use professional-grade equipment. However, relying solely on your phone’s built-in camera may not produce the desired viral effect. If you want to take your Reel to the next level, it may be worth investing in a small handheld camera or renting one for the day. This will allow you to capture clearer and more visually appealing footage, which is essential for attracting and retaining viewers.

Make Them in the Right Size

To ensure that your Instagram Reel gets the attention it deserves, it is important to upload a video that is the appropriate size. A video that is too large will take up too much screen space, while one that is too small may appear insignificant. To optimize the viewing experience for your audience, the ideal size for an Instagram Reel is 1080×1920 pixels.

Do Not Include Watermarks

To increase the chances of your Instagram Reel going viral, it’s important to avoid including watermarks. Watermarks can detract from the overall quality of your Reel and can make it appear unprofessional. By removing watermarks, your Reel will look more polished and clean, which can help attract more views and engagement from potential viewers.

Include Closed Captions

To create more inclusive content on Instagram Reel, it’s important to include closed captions. Not only does this make your content accessible to a wider audience, but it can also improve engagement rates. By providing captions, users who are deaf or hard of hearing can still enjoy and understand your content, while non-native speakers can also benefit from the captions. Additionally, many users prefer to watch videos with the sound off, so captions can also enhance the viewing experience for them.

Optimize On-Screen Text Placement

To maximize the accessibility and shareability of your Instagram Reel, it’s essential to pay attention to the placement of on-screen text. Well-placed text can make your content more appealing to viewers and encourage them to engage with your Reel.

When optimizing your on-screen text, keep it short and concise. Additionally, use large, easy-to-read fonts and position the text at the bottom of the screen. This will ensure that viewers can read the text without obscuring the visuals and improve the overall viewing experience.

Do Fun Transitions

Your Instagram Reel offers an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality in a creative and entertaining way. To make your Reel truly standout, consider incorporating fun and eye-catching transitions between clips. Doing so can enhance the visual appeal of your content and increase the likelihood of your Reel being shared by viewers.

To make your Instagram Reel more engaging and distinctive, incorporating fun transitions can be a great idea. There are many ways to do this, including using video editing software to add special effects or filming yourself moving between different locations. By exploring your creativity, you can come up with unique and exciting transitions that will make your Reel more appealing and likely to be shared by others.

Shoot Vertically and Add Your Reel Cover

To increase the visibility and appeal of your Instagram Reel, ensure you’re shooting your videos in a vertical orientation. This format makes it easier for viewers to watch and engages them more effectively. Additionally, customize your Reel cover to make your videos recognizable and easily accessible to your audience. Add relevant keywords and hashtags to enhance the visibility of your content and help potential viewers discover it.

Post Reels Frequently

To increase the chances of going viral on Instagram Reels, it is recommended to maintain a consistent posting schedule. Regularly posting high-quality content ensures that it reaches a wider audience and increases the likelihood of being featured in the Explore section. This strategy can help to attract new followers and increase engagement rates on your content.

If your goal is to increase your chances of going viral on Instagram Reel, regular posting is essential. By doing so, your content will have a higher chance of being viewed by more people, and you may even get featured on the Explore section.

It’s recommended to post at least once a day when you’re just starting. As you attract more followers, you can increase the frequency of your posts. But remember not to inundate your followers with an excessive amount of content, as this may turn them off.


While there is no guaranteed formula for making your Instagram Reels go viral, there are some strategies that can improve your chances of success. For instance, focus on producing engaging and educational content that will capture viewers’ attention. Moreover, ensure that your Reels are of high quality and expertly edited to demonstrate your dedication to excellence. Additionally, engage with other members of the Instagram Reel community by liking and commenting on their content to help you build a following. By adopting these tactics, you can boost your chances of creating viral content on Instagram Reel.


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