How To Get Rid of Sponsored Posts on Instagram

Perusing Instagram can often become bothersome when numerous advertisements appear on the feed. As a platform hosting countless brands, sponsored posts can appear regularly depending on a user's activity and interests.
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Perusing Instagram can often become bothersome when numerous advertisements appear on the feed. As a platform hosting countless brands, sponsored posts can appear regularly depending on a user’s activity and interests.

Advertisements on Instagram are displayed to better understand users’ preferences and how to advertise to them effectively. While ads may prove to be a nuisance at times, fortunately, there are ways to remove them.

Regrettably, Instagram does not provide a feature that allows users to turn off all ads entirely. Nonetheless, you can opt to hide or report them. To hide an ad, locate the three dots situated on the top right corner of the sponsored post and click on them. From the drop-down menu, select “Hide ad” and indicate your reason for wanting to hide the ad. You may also choose to report a sponsored post as inappropriate, leading to its removal.

This comprehensive guide delves into the topic of Instagram advertisements, exploring the motivations for wanting to remove them, and providing a step-by-step tutorial on how to effectively hide or report these ads within the Instagram platform. Additionally, we will discuss the essential steps for examining and managing the advertisements that you have previously engaged with on Instagram. Without further delay, let us commence our journey.

What are Sponsored Instagram Ads?

Instagram is a dynamic social platform that facilitates connections and interactions between individuals through a range of features such as direct messaging, Instagram posts, and Instagram stories. As users engage with these features, Instagram diligently collects data on their preferences and interests. This information is utilized to generate targeted and personalized sponsored ads that may align with a user’s interests.

In order to monetize its platform, Instagram offers advertising opportunities to a diverse range of brands and companies. These advertisements, known as sponsored Instagram ads, leverage the platform’s sophisticated analytics to target users based on their unique interests and preferences.

Why Get Rid of Instagram Ads?

While certain sponsored advertisements on Instagram can prove beneficial, it is not always the case that you may find them relevant or interesting. Therefore, you may wish to consider removing Instagram ads for the following reasons:

  • Getting too many ads that mess up your Instagram timeline.
  • To get rid of misleading advertisements and ads.
  • As a way of saving data.
  • To get a better experience by seeing fewer ads when scrolling.
  • When the ads don’t align with your interest, you may need to get rid of them.

How To Get Rid of Instagram Ads

Eliminating sponsored Instagram advertisements can be a challenge, as they are a vital revenue stream for the platform. Nonetheless, there are several effective strategies you can use to reduce the number of ads you see. These include hiding or blocking the ad or reporting it to Instagram for review.

Another practical approach to reduce the frequency of sponsored ads is to access Instagram through a browser instead of using the mobile app, which is connected to Facebook. By doing so, you may experience fewer ads and a more streamlined browsing experience.

Method #1: Hiding Sponsored Ads

Users have the option to conceal a particular advertisement if they do not wish to view it. Instagram’s algorithm will then suppress the ad from further display and substitute it with other customized sponsored ads.

  1. Open Instagram and scroll through your timeline.
  2. When you see a sponsored post, click the three dots on its right
  3. Click the option for “Hide ad”.
  4. You will be required to choose the reason for hiding your ad.

Upon exercising this option, the specific advertisement will no longer appear on the user’s Instagram timeline. Instagram duly notes this activity and incorporates it into its algorithmic process, recognizing it as an indication of disinterest on the user’s part.

Method #2: Reporting Sponsored Ads

The option to hide an ad is particularly useful when a user wishes to avoid specific advertisements or those that relate to a particular subject matter.

Nevertheless, if a user encounters an advertisement or post that is misleading or inappropriate, it is advisable to report the matter to Instagram. Subsequently, Instagram will undertake a thorough investigation of the reported ad or post.

Here is how you can report ad.

  1. Locate the ad you want to report.
  2. Click the three dots next to the ad.
  3. Select the option for “Report ad”.
  4. Choose your reason or violations made by the ad, making you report it.

Upon the completion of the investigation process and confirmation of the report’s validity, Instagram will take appropriate measures concerning the advertisement in question. The user will not encounter the ad again in the future.

Blocking the Ad Account

Certain advertisements emanate from specific Instagram accounts. In the event that a user identifies such ads, they may opt to block the relevant account. This will effectively eliminate the possibility of encountering the same or other ads originating from the account.

Please follow the steps below:

  • Tap on the profile picture of the relevant account
  • Click on the three dots located at the top of the profile picture
  • Proceed to select the “Block” option
  • Confirm the action by clicking on the “Block” button once more.

How To View Ads You’ve Interacted With

A comprehensive record of all interactions with advertisements, such as likes, comments, among others, is accessible via the user’s “ads activity” feature:

  1. Launch the Instagram application and proceed to the user’s profile page
  2. Select the menu icon and click on the “Settings” option
  3. From the available options, click on “Ads”
  4. Choose the “Ad Activity” option to view a comprehensive list of recently interacted with ads.

To access the “ads activity” feature and view the user’s recent interactions with advertisements, please follow the steps above


Without proper management, sponsored ads may inundate a user’s Instagram timeline. Therefore, this guide offers several methods for hiding sponsored posts on Instagram. Utilize the provided techniques to conceal sponsored ads effectively.

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