How To Download Instagram Highlights For Your Collection


Instagram is a fantastic platform for sharing and discovering content, but unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a direct method to download highlights. That’s where ReelSaver comes into play – your ultimate savior when downloading Instagram highlights effortlessly. ReelSaver is specifically designed to cater to all your downloading needs on Instagram. With its free, fast, and secure service, this highlight downloader ensures that none of those precious memories slip away unnoticed. Whether it’s an awe-inspiring travel adventure or heartwarming family moments captured through stories in someone’s profile bio, ReelSaver has your back. Gone are the days of trying various unreliable methods or relying on screenshots alone; now, you can preserve every cherished moment with just a few clicks. 

Why Should You Download Instagram Highlights?

Instagram has undoubtedly become a powerhouse in social media, captivating millions of users with its visually appealing content. The platform offers an incredible feature called “Highlights,” which allows you to curate and showcase your best moments on your profile. But have you ever wondered why it’s essential to download Instagram highlights? Firstly, instagram highlights download ensures you have a backup of your precious memories. As we all know, technology isn’t infallible, and there may come a time when access to certain posts or stories becomes limited or lost altogether. Moreover, downloading Instagram highlights grants you more freedom and flexibility in sharing them with others. While they are available on your profile for everyone to see, being able to share them outside the app expands their reach beyond just your followers.

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How to Download Instagram Highlights on Desktop or Mobile

Have you ever encountered a captivating Instagram highlight you wished to save for later? Whether it’s an awe-inspiring travel vlog or a mouth-watering recipe, sometimes we stumble upon content that is too good to let slip away. Fortunately, there are ways to instagram highlights download effortlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. One popular method involves utilizing the power of Chrome browser’s Developer Tools. Simply right-clicking on any photo or video in your desired highlight, selecting ‘Inspect,’ and voila! 

A new window will open up showcasing the page’s HTML code. Don’t feel intimidated by this techno-jargon; all we need from here is the URL – nothing more! Now comes the exciting part: copying and pasting! Take hold of that URL, paste it into a fresh browser tab, and watch as your chosen photo or video springs to life before your eyes. With just one last click (or tap), select ‘Save As’ from the dropdown menu and witness the magic unfold as your beloved content materializes within your device.

So go ahead, and indulge in these simple yet effective steps to preserve those cherished memories within Instagram highlights. With downloading made accessible at our fingertips, reliving moments has never been easier! Explore with curiosity as countless possibilities await you – whether revisiting treasured experiences or building an inspiring collection for future inspiration.


With this guide, you have everything you need to download your Instagram Highlights and save them for personal or professional use. Whether it’s a fun travel memory, you want to keep forever or an inspirational message that needs sharing with the world, downloading Instagram Highlights is a fast and easy way to ensure nothing gets lost in the ether. Plus, thanks to tools like Repost App, getting those highlights onto other platforms takes no more than a few clicks!

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