How To Crop a Video for Instagram

How To Crop a Video for Instagram? Are you encountering difficulties in uploading a video to your IGTV or Instagram story due to issues with finding the correct dimensions for optimal video quality? We recognize the challenge, but rest assured that there exist numerous solutions available to you for resolving this issue.

In order to attain the highest quality, Instagram stipulates specific video dimensions that must be met before uploading. As such, how can one crop videos for Instagram?

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One option for cropping videos for Instagram is to utilize the crop feature provided by the platform. To do so, simply upload the desired video and preview it. Next, click the crop icon, choose your preferred cropping dimensions, and upload the newly cropped video.
Alternatively, there are several online cropping tools available that offer quality features and can facilitate easy cropping of Instagram videos. These tools can prove to be extremely helpful in achieving optimal video quality for Instagram uploads.

Why Should You Crop Videos on Instagram?

Video content has proven to be a highly effective way to engage with your Instagram audience. For content creators and brands alike, videos provide an opportunity to reach more people and visually convey complex concepts. Whether you are creating a video to post on your IGTV or Instagram story, cropping the video can add significant value to it.

By cropping your Instagram video to the appropriate dimensions, you ensure that it stands out and appears high-quality to your viewers. This can help to prevent audience frustration with poor video quality.

It is important to note that the required dimensions for IGTV or Instagram stories are a portrait aspect ratio of 9:16. For Instagram feed posts, videos can be cropped to either a square 1:1 aspect ratio or a vertical 4:5 aspect ratio.

How To Crop a Video for Instagram

Prior to considering the use of third-party cropping tools, it is recommended to first utilize the built-in cropping feature provided by Instagram. This approach eliminates the need to create additional accounts or pay for external services.

To crop a video for Instagram using the Instagram mobile app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Click on the plus icon and upload the target video from your camera roll.
  3. A preview of the video will appear.
  4. Click the diagonally-opposing arrows located at the bottom.
  5. A variety of cropping options will appear for the image.
  6. Move the image to the desired area for cropping.
  7. Tap “Next” and apply any desired filters for the video.
  8. Click the “Share” button or save the video as a draft, based on your intentions.

By following these steps, you will have a cropped video suitable for Instagram. However, it is important to note that the options available for cropping via this method are somewhat limited, as Instagram does not offer significant flexibility in this regard.

For more advanced cropping features and higher quality results, third-party online tools may be preferable. These tools offer better control over the video’s cropping dimensions while ensuring the quality of the final product. Once the video has been successfully cropped using these tools, it can be uploaded to Instagram.

Examples of third-party tools for cropping videos for Instagram include Clideo, Filmora Wondershare, Animaker, among others. When using these tools, it is advisable to carefully consider their features and capabilities to determine which tool is best suited for your specific needs.


Having the ability to crop videos for Instagram is a valuable skill that every content creator and Instagram user should possess.

As outlined earlier, we have discussed the process involved in cropping videos for Instagram, as well as presented a number of alternative tools that can be used to accomplish this task.

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