How To Check Jazz Number In 2023- Jazz Number Check Code

How To Check Jazz Number – Jazz Number Check Code

Jazz is a merger of two popular cellular networks Mobilink and Warid. It has more than 60 million subscribers in Pakistan. If you want to know that how to check the Jazz number or Jazz number check code, then this post will provide you with complete help.

Sometimes we forget our sim card number and couldn’t find it. The below methods will help you in finding your Jazz sim number. We will share Jazz number check codes with you.

How To Check Jazz Number?

It is easy to check Jazz sim number if you have balance. But if you don’t have balance in your Jazz sim and forgot its number then you need the following methods to find your Jazz number.

Methods To Check Jazz Number

We will discuss the most suitable and popular methods to check Jazz number in this post. You can find your sim number with 0 balance in it.


The first method to check Jazz number is as follows.

  • Open your mobile phone dial pad
  • Dial *99# code on it and press “Yes”
  • In a few moments, your Jazz sim number will show on your mobile screen


The second and most common method to check any sim card number in Pakistan is as follows.

  • Open the SMS app on your phone
  • Write “MNP” in the write message option and send it on 667
  • In a few seconds, you will receive a message comprising your Jazz sim card number, owner name, and CNIC details.
  • It is the paid method to check Jazz sim number

Jazz Number Check Codes


If you have some balance in your Jazz sim, just call any friend or message. This is the simplest way to check Jazz number.


The last option to check Jazz sim number is the helpline. Dial 111 and talk to the customer services representative. Provide sufficient details about you and you will be able to know your Jazz number details.

Jazz Number Check Code

Dial *99#Free
Dial 111 and talk to a representativeService Charges
Send “MNP” to 667Service Charges
Jazz Number Check Code
Important Note

The codes and procedures are subject to change so visit the official Jazz website in case of any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my SIM number?

If you want to know your SIM number then write “MNP” on your phone and send it to 667. You will receive a message in a few moments. It will include your SIM number, owner name, and CNIC number. This is a paid method to check the SIM number that works on all network SIM cards.

How can I check my Jazz number?

Just dial *99# on your phone dial pad and press the Yes button You will receive your Jazz SIM number on your phone screen.

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