How To Accept Follow Requests on Instagram

In the event that your Instagram account is set to private, only individuals who have been approved by you as followers will have access to your content. This feature affords you greater control over your profile and ensures that malicious

In the event that your Instagram account is set to private, only individuals who have been approved by you as followers will have access to your content. This feature affords you greater control over your profile and ensures that malicious individuals are prevented from stealing your content or obtaining sensitive information such as your location, circle of friends, place of residence, or place of employment. As such, opting for a private account on Instagram is a prudent decision for those who value their privacy and wish to safeguard their digital assets.

In the event that an individual visits your profile while it is set to private, they will be notified of this status through a message displayed in your posts area stating that “This account is private”. To gain access to your posts, they will be required to initiate a follow request by tapping the “Follow” button. As the account owner, you will receive the follow request in your “Follow Requests” section, where you can review the individual’s profile before deciding whether to grant them access to your content. This process ensures that you have full control over who can view your profile and its contents.

Upon receiving a like or comment on your posts, or a follow request from another user, you will be notified through a small dot displayed under the heart icon, along with a notification bubble. If push notifications are enabled on your device, you will also receive a notification alerting you to these interactions.

Now, let us delve further into the process of accepting a follow request on Instagram.

How To Accept Follow Requests on Instagram

Accepting a follow request on Instagram can be accomplished within mere moments by following these simple steps:

First, launch the Instagram app or navigate to and log into your account if you have not already done so. Next, locate the heart icon, which can be found at the bottom of the Instagram app or in the top-right corner of the screen next to your profile picture on a web browser.

If someone has requested to follow you, you will see either a number indicating how many follow requests you have, or a profile picture next to the “Follow Requests” option. Click or tap on this option to view the requests you have received.

Once you locate the user’s request, you will find a “Confirm” button adjacent to their name. Simply click or tap this button to approve their request, and they will become your follower.

Additionally, it is probable that you will find your follower requests under your account’s “Recent Activity” section, which can also be accessed by tapping the heart icon. In this case, you can accept the follow request by clicking the “Confirm” button next to the user’s name without having to navigate to the “Follow Requests” section.

It is important to keep in mind that you also have the option to decline follow requests if you deem it necessary. If you do not wish to grant the user access to your account, you can click or tap the “Delete” button or the “x” mark next to the “Confirm” button. If you wish to prevent the user from sending follow requests in the future, you can choose to block them.

How To Make Your Instagram Account Private

If you currently have a public Instagram account and desire to limit who can follow you by making your account private, the process is relatively straightforward. This can be accomplished through the Instagram app or desktop site at

Follow these simple steps to change your account privacy settings:

  1. Navigate to your Instagram profile.
  2. Select the “Account settings” option.
  3. Choose “Privacy”.
  4. Toggle on the “Private Account” setting to change your profile from public to private.

To ensure that your account has successfully been set to private, you may access your profile on an Incognito browser by navigating to If your account is still public, your Instagram posts will be visible. However, if your account has been successfully changed to private, you will see the message “This account is private. Follow this account to see their photos and videos”.


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Note that only personal accounts can be set to private on Instagram. Brand and creator accounts are not allowed to change their privacy settings, as switching to a brand or creator account indicates a desire to promote content on the platform to a wider audience.

While a private account offers greater security, there are certain limitations that must be taken into consideration. For example, it is not possible to embed a post or profile on external websites. Instead, you can only send a link to your profile or share your username with others, and in the case of posts, you can only send a screenshot or a copy of the photo or video you uploaded.

Hashtags and locations will also not work as intended on a private account, as posts will only be visible to followers and not show up on the feeds of those who are not following you.

However, a private Instagram account provides several advantages. Your profile is more secure, and you can share whatever you want and post Instagram Stories in real-time without fear of being watched by unwelcome individuals with malicious intentions. This is provided that your followers are individuals whom you know and trust.

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