Halong Bay Where to Stay: Top Accommodation Options for a Memorable Trip

Wondering about Halong Bay where to stay during your visit?  Paradise Vietnam will equip you with the necessary information to make the best choice for your accommodation in the Bay!

Spend the night on a cruise

The most common and enticing option for visitors is to spend the night on a cruise. Envision spending your evenings on the deck, lulled by the gentle rhythm of the waves, as the stunning limestone mountains cast their shadows around you. Awakening to a glorious sunrise over the mountains, you can partake in Tai Chi on the deck before embarking on a day filled with exciting activities. Be mindful of the different areas that cruise typically navigate, as this may influence your decision on where to stay in Halong Bay.

Spend the night on a cruise

Paradise Vietnam offers a number of different sightseeing cruises for overnight excursions that you can refer to:

  • Paradise Elegance: Featuring elegantly neo-classical design, Paradise Elegance ranked among the Top 5 best cruises in the world owns 31 cabins with a deep 2-day-1-night journey to explore Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay.
  • Paradise Sails: Launched the first boutique cruise named Paradise Sails as a floating entertainment model, marking a major breakthrough in the tourism industry of Ha Long at that time.
  • Paradise Grand: the 5-star leading cruise in Lan Ha Bay is considered to be a bespoke venue of the elite with 39 cabins, a “giant” sundeck, and the foremost “floating” restaurant on the bay.
  • Paradise Peak: Elevating the leisure experience on a 5-star cruise in Ha Long Bay with jacuzzis as well as meal and butler services provided in private cabins.

Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay is undeniably the most frequented cruise route, providing the best opportunity to behold the bay’s renowned attractions. Though it tends to be busier than other options, it arguably offers a wider expanse with more sights to see.

Lan Ha Bay Cruise

Lan Ha Bay is a less crowded alternative to Halong Bay, offering a similar landscape, with abundant limestone karsts and pristine sandy beaches. The significant difference lies in the fewer boats, leading to fewer tourists. This is an excellent choice for those seeking a more relaxed, crowd-free experience.

Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise

Bai Tu Long Bay, often dubbed as ‘The Road Less Traveled’, serves as another choice for those looking to venture beyond the typical tourist routes. An extension of Halong Bay, this area remains a largely undiscovered jewel. With fewer tourists, the area has less pollution and the water maintains its clarity. Opt for this route if you’re an avid fan of less-traveled paths!

Experience the ultimate adventure with a Halong Bay Cruise 3 days 2 nights at Paradise Vietnam. Book now and immerse yourself in the beauty of the bay, luxurious amenities, and unforgettable memories.

Best Island in Halong Bay to Stay

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba, the largest and most frequented island in Halong Bay, is a magnet for tourists eager to discover the island’s stunning natural sea and landscapes. A short 10-minute stroll southeast of Cat Ba Town will lead you to the three picturesque Cat Co Cove beaches, renowned for their soft golden sands, crystal clear water, glowing waves, and refreshing breezes. If you’re in search of adventure, consider hiring a motorboat or kayak to explore the smaller islets, hiking through the national park, or cycling around the island.

Here are some accommodation options on Cat Ba Island:

– Hôtel Perle d’Orient Cat Ba – Mgallery (5-star)

– Cat Ba Sunrise Resort (4-star)

– Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa

– Cat Ba Sandy Beach Resort

You can take the Paradise Express to transfer from Cat Ba to Halong Bay, from there you will experience natural landscapes, picturesque islands, and a myriad of activities to explore in Halong Bay.

Co To Island

Co To Island remains a relatively untapped paradise for travelers. It’s a haven of turquoise waters, pristine white beaches, dramatic rocky cliffs, verdant forests, and delectable fresh seafood. Given its serene and underdeveloped nature, this island is perfect for explorers seeking a tranquil escape.

Over the last couple of years, accommodation options in Co To Island have been steadily on the rise. You’ll find a range of hotels, hostels, and homestays scattered around the port and in Co To Town. Room rates generally range from 15 – 40 USD. Co To Eco Lodge, a highly recommended option, offers 12 cozy rooms just a stone’s throw (150m) from Hong Van Beach.

Quan Lan Island

For those favoring less trodden paths, Quan Lan Island stands as Halong Bay’s concealed treasure. Three unspoiled beaches – Quan Lan, Minh Chau, and Son Hao – beckon tourists to dive into their refreshing waters. Accommodation on this island is straightforward and modest. The Minh Chau Pearl Hotel & Spa is known as the finest 4-star hotel on Quan Lan Island. But if luxury isn’t your priority, there are plenty of budget-friendly hostels and homestays available.

Quan Lan Island

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Staying on the Halong Mainland

Halong Bay, a renowned destination in Vietnam that every traveler should experience at least once, provides a wide array of hotels and resorts to suit all budgets. Opting to stay inland is ideal for those who prefer a leisurely pace and ample relaxation time. During the day, you can explore popular attractions in Halong City, such as the Quang Ninh Museum and Library, Hon Gai Church, and Long Tien Pagoda, or embark on a day cruise for a closer encounter with this World Heritage Site. In the evenings, be sure to stroll through the night market and sample some local delicacies.

Paradise Suites 

Paradise Suites is the most beautiful boutique hotel on Tuan Chau Island, the gateway to Halong Bay, providing top-tier service quality and amenities that have been endorsed by TripAdvisor, a leading travel organization.

It is the only boutique hotel on Tuan Chau Island with its own swimming pool and private beach.

A spacious swimming pool with a magnificent view of the serene beach will be your perfect spot for relaxation, swimming or enjoying a unique “floating breakfast”. This location is also a favorite check-in point for hotel guests.

Located within the Paradise Bay complex of Paradise Suites Hotel, the beach, with its long sandy stretch and clear blue waters, is exclusively for hotel guests. Just a few minutes away by the hotel’s electric car, you’ll arrive at this tropical seaside paradise to indulge your passion for frolicking in the ocean.

The hotel enjoys a prime location, situated on the peaceful Tuan Chau Island, offering an ultimate relaxation space. It’s conveniently located just a 5-minute drive from the Tuan Chau International Passenger Port, making it easy to combine day tours of Halong Bay.

At Paradise Suites Hotel, there are 2 types of rooms for you to choose from: 

The Classic Suite

The Classic Suite boasts a meticulously designed and crafted interior with primary materials such as natural wood, marble, and premium leather, delivering a sense of intimacy and relaxation without compromising on elegance and allure. The room’s lighting system has been carefully studied and installed to create an incredibly cozy and sophisticated ambiance, complemented by the use of linen, velvet, silk, and feather materials for the bed, curtains, and sheepskin rugs. Each spacious suite, complete with all amenities, is surely the perfect choice for your restful and exploratory trip to the wonders of Halong Bay.

The Classic Suite

The Trend Suite

If you seek modern luxury and convenience, the Trend Suite serves as an excellent alternative to the Classic Suite. Its modern furnishings combined with vibrant colors and abundant natural light transform it into the perfect room category for energetic travelers who love outdoor activities and adventurous experiences.

Regardless of choosing Halong Bay where to stay, unforgettable memories are guaranteed. If you’re still uncertain and struggling to make a decision, feel free to reach out to Paradise Vietnam. Our devoted team of travel consultants is ready to provide you with valuable guidance!


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