Ghazal Alagh Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Family, Early Life, Mama Earth

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Ghazal Alagh Net Worth: Get ready to learn all about the amazing entrepreneur, Ghazal Alagh, who founded the popular company Mamaearth! You may have heard of this brand through social media influencers, and now you can even see it advertised on various other mediums. Despite only being in the market for a short time, Mamaearth has gained widespread recognition and popularity, thanks to its innovative marketing strategies.

Ghazal Alagh is a hard-working and dedicated individual who has successfully managed both her family and business career. She even appeared as a judge in the first season of Shark Tank India, although she is no longer affiliated with the show’s current season.

Mamaearth is a beauty and skin care company, as well as a baby care brand, that uses only natural ingredients in its products. It’s no wonder people not just in India, but around the world, are turning to Mamaearth’s skin care products to maintain their natural beauty.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ghazal Alagh, her net worth, bio, career, age, family, and early life, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to discover all you need to know about this inspiring entrepreneur.

Who is Ghazal Alagh?

Let’s talk about the remarkable Ghazal Alagh, born on September 2nd, 1988, in Gurugram, Haryana, and raised in Chandigarh. She completed her schooling in Chandigarh and later obtained her BCA degree from Punjab University. Afterward, she pursued post-graduation and began working. Ghazal Alagh is a successful Indian businesswoman and co-founder of MamaEarth, a popular baby health product company.

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In 2011, Ghazal Alagh married Varun Alagh, and the couple now has a beautiful son named Agastya Alagh. Ghazal Alagh, alongside her husband Varun, founded Mamaearth in 2016, India’s first beauty skin care brand company. Ghazal Alagh always dreamt of owning a business, and with the encouragement of her parents and family, she worked tirelessly to establish her beauty brand company.

Ghazal Alagh 2023 Biography

NameGhazal Alagh
Born2 September 1988
Age34 years old
Company FoundedMamaEarth
Spouse(s)Varun Alagh
Children(s)Agastya Alagh

Ghazal Alagh Net Worth 2023

Get ready to hear about Ghazal Alagh’s impressive income sources! The majority of her income comes from her successful company, Mamaearth, which generates an estimated yearly income of Rs.18-19 crore. Ghazal Alagh’s net worth in Indian rupees is approximately Rs.142 crore, equivalent to $19 million, and it continues to grow by 8.4 to 17.9% every year.

In addition to her successful business ventures, Ghazal Alagh has made wise investments in several companies, which has helped to increase her net worth significantly. As a former judge on Shark Tank India, she invested in many promising start-ups, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and sound business acumen.

Net Worth In 2023$19 Million
Net Worth In 2022$19 Million
Net Worth In 2021$16 Million
Net Worth In 2020$14 Million
Net Worth In 2019$13 Million
Net Worth In 2018$9 Million

Ghazal Alagh Family

Let me tell you a little bit more about Ghazal Alagh’s family background. Her father’s name is Kailash Sahni, and her mother’s name is Sunita Sahni. She has a brother named Chirag Sahni and a sister named Sahiba Chauhan.

In 2011, Ghazal Alagh tied the knot with Varun Alagh, who is also a successful businessman and co-founder of Mamaearth. Together, they founded the Mamaearth Company, showcasing their shared entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. The couple is blessed with a beautiful son, adding more joy to their already prosperous lives.

Ghazal Alagh Career

Ghazal Alagh embarked on her professional journey after completing her studies, starting her career in June 2008 as a corporate trainer. In 2012, she founded a company called Diet Expert, where she worked for 1 year and 2 months before moving on to her next venture.

In 2016, Ghazal Alagh finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of founding her own company, Mamaearth, with the help of co-founder Varun Alagh. This revolutionary brand aims to provide parents with chemical-free products to take care of their children, emphasizing the importance of natural ingredients for healthy and happy families. Mamaearth has been a great success, and its popularity continues to grow, thanks to Ghazal Alagh’s passion, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Ghazal Alagh and Mama Earth

The birth of Mamaearth is a story of a mother’s love and perseverance. When Ghazal Alagh became a mother, she struggled to find safe and effective baby cosmetic products made in India. This led her to import products from abroad for her son, but she soon realized that many other Indian children were also facing this issue. She decided to take matters into her own hands and started researching why these products didn’t suit her son and other children.

In 2015, Ghazal and her husband Varun founded Mamaearth with a mission to provide safe and chemical-free products for babies and their mothers. Before launching the product in the market, Ghazal had around 700 women test the products on their children and took their feedback. After receiving positive feedback, she launched the product in the market and focused on unique and cost-effective ways of marketing her brand.

Instead of traditional marketing methods, Ghazal targeted social media and YouTube to promote Mamaearth. She collaborated with popular YouTubers to increase her brand’s visibility and reach a wider audience. With her hard work and innovative marketing strategy, Ghazal was able to establish Mamaearth as a trusted and well-known brand in the market.

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