Factors To Consider Before You Unlock The Darknet

Although the surface web is compared to what users may see, there is a wide range of hidden content that you can get on the dark web. If you use a unique browse like Tor, the user will likely explore all the hidden sites and discern illegal ones under the cover of the anonymous IP address. Read on to learn tips to help you access the dark world safely.

Download and install Tor

When using a Mac, Linus, or Android, you should be careful as you download and install the Tor browser since it is the major target of prime hackers. A myriad of fake versions of Tor is made to either breach users before one can access the dark web or know the behavior of the ideal user. Therefore, it is always good to download this browser from its main website and keep it updated.

Connect with the website

If you don’t want to use the Tor browser, you can use websites like justkill or Wikis to visit the dark web. You should try the darknet versions for legit websites to understand how it works. These websites provide you with a robust suite of email services, enabling users to differentiate spam accounts and other unwanted contacts easily. Besides, the tools available on your ideal websites enable the users to easily garner all the vital information concerning your business or personal details, which may be hard to track down. In turn, this will make information collection easy for the users to enhance accuracy and reliability.

Use cryptocurrency for transaction

You can buy different legal and illegal goods from several dark websites. A good example is the infamous silk road the US law enforcement agencies took down though it comes up and falls off every other year. You shouldn’t buy anything illegal in your country, but if you wish to, you should transact using a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Using the cryptocurrency is the only way to remain anonymous.

Safety and privacy-enhancing apps

Even with all the care in the world, you can never replace a robust security suite meaning you should use the best apps that will give you the privacy you deserve and safety altogether. Some apps include password management, anonymous file-sharing, secure messaging, and a private search engine. All these apps allow you to remain private to deal with issues around you.

Use the VPN to encrypt internet traffic

Even if you use all the measures addressed above, you can still be tracked back by anyone who has time, resources, and knowledge if your IP address leaks. Therefore, it is prudent to encrypt your internet traffic using the VPN alongside other measures to enhance your safety. But while at it, it is good to know that not all VPN providers are equal, as some suffer from slow services, data limits, and security leaks.


If you are searching for ways to access the dark web world, the above factors, like the justkill website, VPN, safety apps, cryptocurrency, and safer browsers, enhance outstanding performance in that other world.

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