EA Sports FC: The Changes We Want to See

Welcome back to another EA Sports FC 24 topic! In today’s article, MMOexp is going to discuss the things we don’t want to see in EA Sports FC. While we usually focus on the things we want, today we’re going to vent about the aspects of the game that bother us and hope for improvements. So, let’s dive into it!

One area that needs attention is the Manager Career Mode. It’s time for major features to be introduced into this mode. While there have been talks about Online Career Mode, if it plays similarly to the current mode, it might not generate much excitement. We need more real-face managers for different leagues and countries, as well as improved customization options. Creating your own face and importing it into the game would be a fantastic addition, providing players with more personalization options.

Moving on to the Creator Club, there’s one aspect that looks disappointing: the goalkeeper kits. While you can get branded jerseys from sponsors like Adidas and Nike for outfield players, the goalkeeper kits are lacking. They need significant improvement to match the quality of the outfield jerseys. Additionally, the inclusion of fourth kits and enhanced customization options for goalkeeper kits would be great.

Stadiums also require major upgrades. The introduction of a Creator Stadium feature, where players can start from scratch and build their own unique grounds, would be fantastic. This feature is present in other sports games and would allow for greater customization and personalization of the stadiums. The current options are decent, but they pale in comparison to what other games offer.

Over the past two years, the focus seems to have been mostly on Player Career Mode. It’s time for the spotlight to shift back to Manager Career Mode and address the numerous issues that need attention. Simple improvements like reintroducing a save button and adding more features from previous FIFA games would go a long way in enhancing the experience. Sponsors, staff upgrades, match ticket pricing, and facility upgrades would provide more depth and longevity to the mode.

Generic referees in EA Sports FC are another aspect that needs improvement. Including scanned referee faces would enhance the immersion and authenticity of the gameplay. While not every referee needs to be scanned, starting with the Premier League referees and gradually expanding to other leagues would be a great step forward.

Trophy celebrations also require a fresh approach. The current celebrations often feel lackluster and repetitive, failing to capture the excitement of winning major cup competitions. More variety and unique elements for each trophy celebration, such as engraving the trophy or the manager celebrating with players, would make these moments more memorable and true to life.

Now, let’s address the practice arena. It’s time for a change here as well. The current practice arena lacks features and has a problematic camera angle, especially for goalkeeping practice. Restoring the features from previous FIFA games, such as different venues and various practice modes, would provide a more engaging and useful training experience. The ability to practice set pieces and control player runs would be a fantastic addition.

In summary, EA Sports FC should focus on improving the Manager Career Mode, goalkeeper kits, stadium customization, referee authenticity, trophy celebrations, and the practice arena. By addressing these areas and incorporating features from previous games, EA Sports FC can elevate the FIFA experience and deliver a game that meets fans’ expectations.

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