Discover The Best Of Italy With These Must-visit Destinations

Italy has been one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide for years. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to sites like Rome, Venice, and Naples every year, hoping to get a glimpse of some of the most recognizable architecture and art the world has to offer. While these cities are absolutely stunning, this country has far more to offer. If you want to head to Italy but want to try something new, here are three destinations to consider. 

Amalfi Coast 

The first stop in Italy you should check out is the Amalfi Coast. The coast itself is a stretch of land spanning just over 30 miles, but there are a few resort towns scattered along the stately rocky cliffs. One such town is Salerno. This absolutely stunning coastal town is perched on a hill overlooking the coast, giving you a beautiful view of the gulf during your stay. The proximity to the water makes it a popular port of call for many Italy cruises as well, so you can add this stop to your next cruise itinerary.

In Salerno, you can explore ancient Greek ruins that predate even the Parthenon! There’s a temple to Hera that’s only a short bus ride from the coast, allowing you to explore architecture that many people don’t know even exists. Additionally, shopping along the Amalfi Coast tends to be a bit cheaper than many other tourist destinations simply because it’s less popular. With fewer visitors, you’ll be able to find more unique items at a far more comfortable price point than you would elsewhere. 

Additionally, it’s a coastal region. If you like swimming or sunning yourself by a beach, heading to the Amalfi Coast is great for some summer fun. While many of the beaches in cities like Salerno may not be your classic white sand, they are still beautiful and wide-open, giving you a perfect experience for your vacation. Going to the Amalfi Coast is a must if you plan on visiting Italy.


Another destination to keep in mind for your Italian vacation is Trieste. If you want a multicultural stay, this city is perfect for you. Located right on the border of Slovenia, Trieste was a major player in some of the dynasties that shaped European culture. When you visit this city, it’s very plain to see that there is still a vast cultural exchange at play. Many monuments and museums are still a clear fusion of Italian and Slovenian history, making it a very visually interesting city to visit. 

Another draw to visiting Trieste is that it’s a highly walkable city. Like many other European destinations, many of the attractions you’ll want to include in your visit are within walking distance of the city center. Even if you don’t want to spend money on a taxi or rideshare company, you can still easily get around the city to see the things you want to explore. 

Similarly, the architecture and food scene in Trieste is part of the adventure in and of itself. Even without going to museums and tourist attractions, you can get a true taste of the city simply by finding a cafe and sitting outside on the patio for some people-watching. Don’t hesitate to grab a cappuccino and soak up some sun while you enjoy the sights around you. 


Finally, if you’re looking for an Italian destination that may not be as crowded as other popular cities, head for Portofino. While people may not know the name of this city, the views have been used as the basis for art, still-life photography, and even postcards you may see in an airport for years. This city is situated along the Italian Riviera, with brightly-colored buildings that attract your eye as soon as you see them. 

Portofino lies along an original Roman road system, allowing you to walk on an incredible piece of history as you explore local cuisine and shop during your trip. Historical buildings such as the Chiesa di San Martino and the Church of San Giorgio are within walking distance of the city itself. These cathedrals have different styles of architecture from completely different eras, allowing you to get a full scope of just how long this city has been around. In Portofino, you can get a true taste of Italian culture.

Overall, heading to Italy will always be the basis for a worthwhile vacation. If you head to these destinations, you can avoid some of the crowds while having a memorable trip.

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