Exploring the Hottest Diamond Necklace Set Jewellery Trends of the Season

Diamonds are wonderful that can truly last forever. Their luxurious glint is coveted by every jewellery connoisseur. While diamonds themselves are a part of every fairy tale proposal, wedding, or milestone, the designs may differ depending upon what is in at the moment. A diamond necklace set can range from traditional to contemporary. The styles change as time changes. The best part about these designs is there may be more coming in in the market, but a diamond necklace set is evergreen in its capacity. A necklace set is a boon because of the complete package you get in one go. You need not worry about finding the exact earrings or

Every season sees a change of styles and tastes of those looking to buy a Darpan Mangatrai Diamond Necklace Set. Here are some of the hottest trends that you need to consider when looking at purchasing a diamond necklace set.

Diamond Necklace Set trends to watch out for this season 

  1. Uncut diamond necklace set – While diamonds are widely popular for their shine and sparkle, the latest trend is to include the rawness of uncut diamonds in designs. Whether paired with rubies or used on their own, uncut diamonds have a charm of their own. They are not as bright as diamond necklaces, but they are earthy and yet look opulent. This trend can be incorporated into almost any diamond necklace set.
  2. Polki diamond necklace set – While uncut diamonds are great, Polki diamond necklace sets are gaining much popularity too. The main difference between Polki and uncut diamonds is, Polki jewellery has uncut, unfaceted, and unpolished diamonds, whereas the latter may have other treatments done to the diamonds. Polki jewellery can be set in white gold or gold and has a distinct finish.
  3. Fancy diamond necklace chain – While a diamond necklace set can be regal, it can also be designed to be simple. A simple chain or a simple design with diamonds studded along the borders can look graceful and dainty earrings can elevate the fashion statement. The simplicity of the design does not take away the impact diamond has on an overall look when worn. This can be categorized as modern or contemporary based on the design.
  4. Vintage diamond necklace set – A family heirloom is to be celebrated and worn with pride for years to come. However, you can now get a diamond necklace set that gives the look of an antique necklace when you purchase it. The vintage look is brought out by the typically Victorian designs and gorgeous cut and placement of the diamonds. A vintage look is also furthered by the use of white gold.
  5. Statement diamond necklace set – While a diamond necklace set is something that will set you apart from the crowd, the rest of your jewellery also has to be complemented to nail the impact of your look. However, if you opt for a statement piece, it becomes the focal point of your outfit. A statement piece is the first thing that draws the attention of the onlooker. This barely needs anything else to go along with it and generally overpowers anything else you may be adorning.
  6. Victorian diamond necklace set – The era between 1837 to 1861 was a well-known era for the jewellery designs that gained fame. The jewellery from this era was described in a word as “romantic”. The liberal use of multiple coloured stones, like emeralds and rubies, in one necklace was common. The floral motifs and golden filigrees became quite popular too. The Aesthetic era from 1880 to 1901 saw a revision of the jewellery that was already famous. This entire time period is loosely known as the Victorian era. Darpan Mangatrai has options of diamond necklace sets that would seem like they have been brought to life from the pages of a history book.
  7. Choker diamond necklace set – A choker is the talk of the jewellery town, and diamonds are no exception. One of the most desired pieces of jewellery is diamond choker sets that employ various settings, cuts, and clarity of diamonds to make the design impactful. The preferred cut of diamonds these days is the rose cut. The setting largely depends on the design of the choker. But many people are looking to possess diamonds in a clustered setting. A prong setting is great for intricate designs that demand an emphasis on every curve and detail.
  8. Bridal diamond necklace set – Bridal jewellery is a class apart and has requirements of its own. The bride is the most important person on her wedding day and her jewellery should not just be immaculate but also make her shine brighter than any person in the room.

These trends are catching on and are bringing diamond necklace sets to the light in different shapes and forms. The various forms of diamond necklaces available at Darpan Mangatrai are a testament to their commitment to bringing you not only the best quality but also the trendiest diamond necklace sets.

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