Bonnie Raitt Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Songs, Grammy Award

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Bonnie Raitt Net Worth, Bonnie Raitt is a renowned blues singer-songwriter and guitarist from the United States, best known for her exceptional slide guitar skills. During the 2023 Grammy Awards ceremony, Raitt was honored with the Song of the Year award for her hit song ‘Just Like That’. This was her third award of the night, and the accolade was presented to her by US First Lady Jill Biden, who also recognized Shervin Hajipour for his Iranian protest song before announcing Raitt’s award.

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Who is Bonnie Raitt?

Born in 1949, Bonnie Lynn Raitt’s early life was marked by her parents’ passion for music. Her father, John Raitt, was a well-known actor, and her mother, Marjorie Haydock, was a talented pianist. Bonnie grew up with two brothers, David and Steve, in Burbank, California. Although her parents divorced when she was 21, her mother remarried in 1976 to Dr. James Goddard.

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As a child, Bonnie was encouraged to pursue music, and her mother’s abilities on the piano were a source of inspiration for her. She started with the piano but switched to playing a Stella guitar, which she received as a Christmas gift when she was 8 years old. This was the beginning of her lifelong love for playing the guitar and singing the blues.

Bonnie Raitt 2023 Bio, Age, Height

NameBonnie Raitt
NicknameBonnie Lynn Raitt
Date of BirthNovember 8, 1949
Age in 202374
BirthplaceBurbank, California, U.S.
CountryUnited States
Height1.63 (m)
Net Worth$12 million
Famous asSinger-Songwriter Musician Producer

Bonnie Raitt Net Worth

Bonnie Raitt, an American blues singer-songwriter and guitarist, is renowned for her unique vocals, slide guitar skills, and dedication to social causes. With numerous Grammy Awards and a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Bonnie Raitt has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Her estimated net worth as of 2023 is $12 million, a testament to her success and talent as a musician. Through her impressive career, Bonnie Raitt has earned a substantial amount of money as a blues singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Bonnie Raitt- Career

Bonnie Lynn Raitt’s exceptional slide and acoustic guitar abilities quickly caught the attention of music enthusiasts, particularly on early tracks like “Finest Lovin’ Man” and “Love Me Like a Man.” Her distinct voice earned her critical acclaim, and she rose to fame with the release of her signature ballad “Angel from Montgomery” on 1974’s Streetlights. Sweet Forgiveness followed in 1977, which included the single “Two Lives” and a cover of Del Shannon’s “Runaway.”

Raitt was a major draw at the 1979 “No Nukes” benefit concert at Madison Square Garden in New York. She swept the 1989 Grammy Awards, winning a total of four awards. Her 1991 album, Luck of the Draw, was another massive success, as was her 1994 release, Longing in Their Hearts. Bonnie Raitt’s slide guitar skills have often been compared to those of Duane Allman, and she is widely regarded as the only guitar goddess of blues rock.

Bonnie Raitt- Family, Private Life

Bonnie Lynn Raitt tied the knot with actor Michael O’Keefe in 1991 but the couple eventually got divorced in 2000. The reason behind their split was largely attributed to their busy schedules which created significant time gaps between them. Despite her successful career, Bonnie has been open about her struggles with addiction to medication and alcohol.

Bonnie Raitt wins the Grammy for Song of the Year

On February 5, 2023, Bonnie Raitt, the celebrated American blues, folk and country singer, was awarded the prestigious Song of the Year Grammy for her track Just Like That. The 74-year-old musician was stunned to receive the honor, which placed her ahead of pop icons such as Beyonce, Adele, and Taylor Swift in the category of songwriting. Raitt’s surprise was evident as she made her way to the stage, her jaw dropping open in shock as she accepted the award.

Bonnie Raitt Songs

  • I can’t make you love me
  • Luck of the Draw · 1991
  • Ange de Montgomery
  • Floor lamps 1974
  • A topic of conversation
  • Luck of the Draw · 1991
  • Gradation of the day
  • The Desire in Their Hearts · 1994
  • Waltz you Tennessee
  • Bonnie Raitt and Friends · 2006
  • love has no pride
  • Give Up · 1972
  • love me like a man
  • Give Up · 1972
  • Will the sun shine again
  • Home on the Beach · 2004
  • I love sneaking up on you
  • The Desire in Their Hearts · 1994
  • thing called love
  • Nick of Time · 1989
  • I feel the same
  • Takin ‘My Time · 1973
  • I won’t be broken
  • Kindred Souls 2005
  • Women are wise
  • Good man, good woman
  • Luck of the Draw · 1991
  • Too long at the fair
  • Give Up · 1972
  • To have a heart
  • Nick of Time · 1989
  • Not the only one
  • Luck of the Draw · 1991
  • Daddy come quickly
  • Luck of the Draw · 1991
  • Poor poor pity me
  • What We Couldn’t Dig Deep 2016
  • Gypsy In Me Dig Deep 2016
  • Not because I wanted
  • Slipstream · 2012
  • SRV Shuffle
  • I think I’m in love with you
  • Road tested 1995
  • Part be my lover
  • Luck of the Draw · 1991
  • Tangled and dark
  • Luck of the Draw · 1991
  • Just in time
  • Nick of Time · 1989
  • Feels like home
  • Michael · 1996
  • The road is my middle name
  • Nick of Time · 1989
  • Guilty
  • Takin ‘My Time · 1973
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