Blue World City Launches General Block Phase 2


The ever-giant, impeccable, and massive launch of General Block Phase-2 is yet another addition to the grandness of Blue World City. Moreover, on the topic of the biggest housing societies of Pakistan, the ever-mega, BWC, does make it to the list. In addition, Blue World City has paved the way for splendid infrastructure, taking the bar way higher. Something that no other society has rarely managed to cater to.

Furthermore, the novel news is that the society is expanding the arena, offering yet even more opportunities, and possibilities to the investors. The owners, Blue Group of Companies, have always tried to push the envelope. Therefore, the launch of the general block phase 2 is another proof of how all kinds of investors can dream of their own homes. Not to forget that this also gives away a notion of how the industry of real estate at large is growing and flourishing.

Blue World City & Owners

Before we delve into the intricacies and keen details of the recently launched general block phase 2, a little discourse on the magnificent owners is a must. Well, Blue World City, is widely known and acknowledged, that it is under the banner of Blue Group of Companies.

The firm is one of the oldest, most skilled, and experienced companies to be around. Not one or two but BGC has stepped into multiple territories/brands and has nailed them impeccably. Whether it is;

  • Advertising
  • Construction
  • Blue Bricks
  • Retail Sector
  • Clothing Brand
  • Marketing
  • Blue palms
  • Buying & selling
  • Design
  • IT support
  • Architecture projects

And a whole lot more – BGC has proofed a lot. So, more than 2-decades of experience translates to the owners earning sheer and utter respect from the sponsors, and investor’s side.

General Block Phase 1 vs 2

The recent launch of the general block phase 2 has been creating great ripple effects around the real estate market. It is because the investors have shown a great amount of interest and demand. Well, the first phase of the general block was also received impeccably. Whether it is the splendid Blue World City location, seamless and easy payment plan, profound amenities, and just sheer authenticity, it was a whole package. So much so that all the available plots are almost sold out.

Phase 2

Now, the location, payment plan, facets, and amenities in the general block phase 2 are out with the launch. And guess what, the word is getting around the market, attracting both local and foreign investors.

So, now we will have a look at all the topics that the readers might be wondering about. The general block phase-2 is in one of the luxurious, prime, and top-notch locations, yet the prices are extremely feasible and affordable. The development is being hastily done and will complete soon for the residents.

NOC Approval

Now, the No Objection Certificate too holds great importance as it assures the investors that their properties are going to be fully legalized/secured. Therefore, it is one of the top things that they worry about. Knowing that Blue World City most area is NOC approved and the rest is soon going to be approved. So, all the investors are in for the assurance that their property will be completely legalized soon, especially seeing the fast development.

Top-tier Location

The location of any property too is utterly important. It determines many factors because the more commercial and business-centered a location is, the more it is likely to offer comfort, and residential/commercial opportunities. Thus, making one’s life easier. That is precisely why such a location might be a bit exorbitant. Well, Blue World City general block phase-2 stands apart.

Well, the location of the general block phase-2 is in a prime location. It’s the first block that comes when one enters the BWC society. Moreover, Blue World City resides on the main Chakri Interchange which is way near to Lahore-Islamabad M2 highway. Therefore, many commercial areas and vicinities in both Islamabad and Rawalpindi are in direct reach of the society.

Nearby Landmarks

Some giant, commercial and easy nearby landmarks are here;

  • Capital Smart City
  • Islamabad International Airport
  • Khanial Homes
  • Defense housing authority
  • University town
  • Rawat
  • Mumtaz city
  • Rawalpindi race club
  • Ring road

As the society resides closely and is in the near vicinity, the hustle of walking the extra mile will be far lessened along with the providence of lavish and opulent facets. Exactly what Blue World City stands for.

Impeccable & Easy Payment Plan

Now, we will have a look at the easy, seamless, and extremely affordable general block payment plan of the newly launched Blue World City general block phase 2. For now, the owners are offering these plot sizes.

Residential Plot Sizes

The offered residential plot sizes in phase-2 are 5,8,10 Marla along with 1 & 2 Kanal.

  • For 5 Marla, the price is 1,490,000 along with 149,000 as the down payment. Moreover, there are 40 monthly installments and each is 14,900.
  • For 8 Marla, the total cost is 1,915,000 along with a 191,500 down payment. For the monthly installment, 19,150 is to be paid each month.
  • For 10 Marla, the cost is 2,290,000 along with 229,000 as the down payment. For the monthly installment, it is 22,900.
  • 1 Kanal costs 4,290,000 along with 42,900 as the monthly installment. For the down payment, the investors will have to pay 429,000.
  • Lastly, for 2 Kanal, the investors will have to pay 8,300,000 as the total price while the down payment will be 830,000. For the monthly installments, it is 83,000 each.

Commercial Plot Sizes

For the time being, the owners of Blue World City are offering only 5 Marla in the general block phase-2. With time, further plot sizes are going to be revealed and launched which will give more investment options to the investors and just the general masses alike.

Anyhow, here is the payment plan for the present 5 Marla in phase-2.

  • The total price for 5 Marla in the commercial block is 9,000,000. The down payment, however, is 900,000 while the monthly installment is just 90,000.

Wrapping Up!

Blue World City, a gigantic housing society pushes the envelope yet again, providing a whole lot of investment opportunities to the investors. Now, the owners have announced the launching of the General Block Phase-2 after the massive success of phase-01. So, ever since the announcement, the investors are benefitting from it hastily. In addition, the location, easy payment plan, fast development plan, incredible amenities, and much more is hinting at a more secure future. So, before this golden opportunity goes away, it is highly important to grab the investment option. Anyhow, do stay in touch with the experienced and highly reliable, Estate Land Marketing, one of the trusted names in the market.

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