Best Apple iPhone to Buy in Pakistan 2023

Being an Apple iPhone fan is no easy task, especially if you live in Pakistan. There are a number of things that you need to look out for no matter if you go for a new or a used iPhone. Choosing a new iPhone is pretty easy because there are only a limited number of models to choose from. However, the issue arises when it comes to buying a used iPhone because there are so many amazing options available that it’s really hard for one person to choose from, and believe me I know.

Since I myself use a refurbished iPhone, I get a lot of questions regarding it. The top one being, “Is an Apple iPhone really worth it in Pakistan?” I know buying a premium device like this can be really hard. That’s why today I’m going to give you a few good iPhone options that you can go for.

The topics that we’ll be discussing today are as follows.

  • Top 3 iPhones to buy in Pakistan
  • Which Apple iPhone should you buy
  • Where to get them

With that said, let’s start by covering my top 3 picks for iPhones that you should consider buying in Pakistan.

Top 3 iPhones to Buy in Pakistan

Before I start explaining any of the features of the iPhones, I need you to know that all of the things that I’m about to explain are from personal experience. I’ve either bought a used iPhone or borrowed it from a friend to test it.

With that out of the way, let’s start with the latest Apple iPhone.

1. iPhone 14 Pro Max

This is one of the most recent iPhones to come out with the best possible tech that Apple has to offer. This phone is a total beast that can go toe to toe with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. It’s quite impressive because when you consider that the S23 Ultra was made specifically to tackle the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

There’s no particular category that the Apple 14 Pro Max is lacking in. I borrowed this phone from a friend of mine for a few weeks and from what I can tell this phone is one of the best smartphones.

It comes with a stunning 6.7-inch LTPO Super Retina XDR OLED display with a 120Hz of refresh rate to boot. Yup, you read that right. A staggering 120Hz of refresh rate display. When I used the phone the interaction felt like butter gliding on a hot pan. Plus, the resolution of the display is quite amazing because I wanted a lot of movies on it and loved every second of it. The resolution of the Apple 14 Pro Max is 1290 x 2796 pixels with a PPI of approximately 460. This has made sure that it’s one of the best displays on the market. Plus, with its stunning camera, I was able to capture some of the most stunning pictures that I’ve seen anywhere else.

Another amazing feature of this amazing Apple iPhone is its powerful A16 Bionic chipset. Now, when I say that it’s one of the best chipsets on the market with the best possible performance then it won’t be an overstatement. I played a lot of games on it and tested a few benchmark apps on it and every time the result was amazing.

Lastly, the thing that impressed me the most was the massive 4323 mAh, I was able to enjoy every feature of the phone without any issues. The only thing that will put off anyone is the iPhone 14 Pro Max price in Pakistan. I know, I know, iPhones have become something that only the elite could buy other than that it’s a powerful smartphone with amazing specs.

2. iPhone 13 Pro Max

The next iPhone that I would like to recommend is the predecessor of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. When the iPhone 13 Pro Max first came out, it was even bigger than the 14 Pro Max. This was mainly due to the next level of technology that was displayed with this phone. I bought this phone for my younger brother from Wise Market Pakistan and from what I could tell, it definitely lived up to its hype.

The very first feature of this phone that I tested was its display. This amazing mobile phone comes with a stunning 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display. Just like the 14 Pro Max, this Apple iPhone display has a 120Hz refresh rate which is extremely smooth. Even though it belonged to my younger brother, I still used the phone a lot. I watched a lot of movies and TV shows. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a bit of gaming when it comes to testing a mobile phone and before you ask, yes my brother didn’t like it one bit.

The other two things that I tested with this powerful mobile phone were its rear camera setup and the battery life. The camera quality of this amazing smartphone was nothing to scoff at because no matter if you go for a new or a used iPhone the camera quality is going to be one of the best. The only smartphone that has beaten Apple in this regard is Samsung with its new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

However, one thing that Apple still has a better standing in is the battery life. The battery life of 13 Pro Max is no joke because this smartphone comes with a 4352mAh battery capacity. Now, most of you will find this a bit average but what you need to understand is that the battery optimization of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is so good that it can easily tackle any phone with a 5000 mAh battery. I’ve seen a colleague of mine use this very phone and extend the battery life to 2 days. Granted that his usage was quite low (unlike mine) but still the battery life was quite impressive. With amazing features like these, you can see why the iPhone 13 Pro Max price in Pakistan is so high.

3. iPhone 12 Pro

Now, moving towards the last and my personal favorite and what I consider the best Apple iPhone, the iPhone 12 Pro. Now this is the phone that I currently own because I find this mobile phone the perfect middle ground between features and price. I bought this one alongside the 13 Pro Max for my brother from Wise Market Pakistan.

This phone is jam-packed with features like a 6.1-inch display Super Retina XDR OLED, A14 Bionic chipset, a stunning triple-stacked camera setup, and a respectable 2815 mAh. I really do mean it when I say that I put this phone through the wringer. I really push the phone to its limit and it never disappoints me. Although I do try to maintain a proper battery for the 12 Pro Max.

One thing that I really like about owning this iPhone 12 in Pakistan is that I don’t have to worry about getting it wet. I have a tendency to spill drinks on my electronics and this has cost me a lot of money in the past. But the iPhone 12 Pro comes with IP68 dust & water resistance. However, I do advise that you try not to get your mobile phones or any other smart device wet because even though they might be water resistant, they aren’t fully waterproof. With amazing features like these, it’s easy to (somewhat) justify the iPhone 12 Pro price in Pakistan.

Which Apple iPhone Should You Buy

Now, the question comes down to which is the best Apple iPhone that you should buy while living in Pakistan. As you might’ve guessed I’m a bit biased towards the iPhone 12 Pro because of how amazing it is.

However, if you’re willing to look past the price tag of other iPhones then I would recommend the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It has all the amazing specs that the previous generation lacked. It’s extremely efficient and can manage everything that you throw its way.

Plus, one visual difference that you’ll notice between this and the other Apple iPhones is that with this phone there is no notch at the top. Apple has replaced it with a thing called a dynamic island. So, if you don’t like the look of the notch and want as much display as possible then you’re gonna love this phone.

Where to Get Them

Once you’ve decided which iPhone model you want to go for, the next question that comes to mind is where to get it from. Buying an iPhone in Pakistan is no easy task. Two of the main reasons are that there are a lot of fakes that are being sold as the real thing and the price.

There are a lot of scammers that would love nothing more than to just take your money and leave you with a scrap of metal. That’s why I recommend Wise Market Pakistan. Two of the iPhones that I bought for myself and my younger brother were both bought from them. Both phones were in great condition and when you consider that I got the iPhone 12 Pro (an almost 3-year-old phone) with 98% battery health, it’s quite impressive. And before you ask, no the battery wasn’t replaced.

I had the phone checked by two of my trusted friends who repair mobile phones for a living and they both said that the phone hasn’t been opened once. Wise Market is making great strides in Pakistan and with their eco-friendly initiative they’re soon to rise to the top.

So, no matter what type of smart device you’re looking for, Wise Market PK has it. They have a huge collection of smart devices ranging from Samsung mobile phones to Realme lifestyle products, so do check them out.


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