Daven Rao

Daven Rao

How To Add Text to Instagram Photo

In the early days of Instagram, users could only post photos taken with their cameras. All they had to do was snap a picture, add a filter, write a caption, and hit post. However, in recent years, the platform has been inundated with photos

What Does “Embed” Mean on Instagram?

To share an Instagram post or profile outside of the platform, many people rely on taking a screenshot of the post or making note of the Instagram username. However, this method may not be the most optimal way of sharing. Instagram offers embed

Where To Take Instagram Pictures?

When it comes to posting pictures on Instagram, users often ask themselves, "Is this picture Instagram-worthy?" Gone are the days when you could simply post any picture on the platform and expect to receive likes, comments, and followers

How To Draft an Instagram Post?

If you find yourself uncertain about the optimal timing to share an Instagram post you've created, the platform offers a convenient solution in the form of draft saving functionality.

What Does “Boi” Mean on Instagram?

The constant evolution of social media has led to the creation of new slang and trends that seem to emerge on a daily basis. While these trends and hashtags certainly contribute to the entertainment factor of Instagram,

Why Does Instagram Crop My Video?

Instagram offers users a highly engaging and streamlined experience when it comes to posting videos on its platform. For those who identify themselves as video creators on Instagram, it's crucial to understand the three different types of videos