Add Some Color To Your Candles – 4 Craft Ideas With Glass Candlesticks

Are you looking for a creative way to brighten up your home decor? In this blog post, we’ll be exploring four different craft ideas that you can make with transparent crystal and colored glass candlesticks. So, let’s get started!

Paint the Candlesticks

Adding a splash of color to your glass candlesticks is a great way to give them a new look. Just with a few supplies and a little bit of patience, you can create beautiful and colorful candle holders that will add a pop of color to your decor. And, to paint them correctly, you’ll need some glass paint and a few supplies. Start by preparing the area where you’ll be working to make sure it’s clean and dust-free so the paint will stick. Then, use painter’s tape or masking tape to mark off the areas you don’t want to paint. 

Next, choose the colors of paint you want to use and pour them onto a flat surface like a paper plate or craft sheet. Dip the candlestick into the paint, covering the entire surface with a thin layer, and let the paint dry before repeating the process with other colors. 

Once the paint is completely dry, carefully remove the painter’s tape. And, if you have any areas that need touching up, you can use a small brush or cotton swab to make any necessary adjustments. Finally, add some glitter or other embellishments to give your painted candlesticks an extra sparkle. 

Wrap the Candlesticks

Adding a little texture to your clear crystal or colored glass candlesticks is easy when you wrap them with twine, yarn, or ribbon from You can choose any color of the material that fits in with your decor or the look you are trying to achieve. When it comes to the process itself, simply start at the base of the candlestick and wind the twine around the base and up toward the top, securing the ends with a small piece of tape or glue. Once you have wrapped the entire candlestick, you can add embellishments like buttons, beads, or charms for an extra bit of flair. The possibilities are endless!

Decorate the Candlesticks

One of the most versatile ways to craft with colored glass candlesticks is to merely decorate them, which can be done in a variety of ways. To begin, gather some supplies like paint pens or markers, acrylic paints, and paintbrushes. You can also pick up stencils or cutouts to help you create specific patterns or designs. And, if you’re feeling extra creative, try choosing some crystals or gems to glue onto the candlesticks. 

Start by lightly cleaning off the glass surface of your candlesticks and then use the paints or markers to create whatever design you want. For example, you may opt for something simple like a few stripes or polka dots, or get more complicated to make abstract designs or detailed images. When the paint is bone dry, attach the embellishments like gems with a strong adhesive, for instance, hot glue. And, once all your decorations are in place, you can set up your candlesticks in whatever arrangement you like. 

Use the Candlesticks as Vases

If you want to add a little extra flair to your home decor, utilize colored glass candlesticks as small vases on shelves. Or you can group several candlesticks together to make a larger centerpiece. To create the latter, start by gathering together your clear crystal or colored glass candlesticks of various sizes. Then, fill these so-called vases with water and your favorite blooms, remembering to add some decorative items to give the centerpiece an extra bit of sparkle. Finally, place the filled vases on a tray or in a grouping on the table for an eye-catching display.

Of course, it’s easy to customize the look by filling the vases with different types of flowers and greenery, but if you don’t have enough time for fresh flowers, you can use dried or artificial ones. They typically last longer and still provide an attractive look. Just remember to select colors that will complement the design of your room and the colors of the glass candlesticks.

Final Thoughts

With the right materials and a little creativity, transparent and colored glass candlesticks can become a great way to add a unique, vibrant touch to your home. Whether you choose to paint, wrap, or decorate your candle holders, or even use them as vases, they in any case will create a lovely accent of color and light to your living space!

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