Abroad-like Luxurious Facilities in Lahore Smart City


Lahore Smart City (LSC) is an LDA-approved housing society located at Lahore Bypass and jointly developed by Future Development Holdings PVT Ltd (FDHL) and Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited (HRL). The master plan of LSC is designed by Surbana Jurong (SJ).

Overseas Pakistanis will enjoy abroad-like luxurious facilities in Lahore Smart City because developers will provide them with high standards of luxurious living experience. The residents will surely enjoy the abroad-like lifestyle in Pakistan.

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Lahore Smart City Smart Facilities and Amenities

Abroad-like luxurious facilities in Lahore Smart City provide Overseas Pakistanis with the best place to live and the best investment opportunity to get high returns on investment (ROI).

Smart facilities & amenities of Lahore Smart City are as follows:

Health Care Facilities

The housing scheme developers have planned to develop hospitals that provide the best healthcare facilities throughout the sectors of LSC. The aim is to deliver healthcare services to the residents on time. The developers of LSCwill develop the hospitals as per international standards

Keeping the standard in mind, LSC hospitals will have 24/7 advanced healthcare services and highly experienced staff. Moreover, the hospital’s facilities include more than 500 beds. Hospitals will have the latest medical equipment, laboratories, and training institutes in the future.

Educational Facilities

Another LSC facility that will bring happiness to overseas Pakistanis is that the housing venture has allotted a special and amazing square for educational purposes. The educational facilities will provide the residents with a comfortable learning environment.

Moreover, universities, colleges, schools, training camps, medical colleges, daycare centres, and institutions of higher education are included in the LSC. Being an overseas Pakistani, you will not waste your quality time on transport when all the facilities are available in the vicinity of LSC.

Sports Facilities

For the residents who are fitness conscious, Lahore Smart City is going to provide them with the best sports facilities, such as a football stadium, a cricket stadium, racetracks, a community club, golf courses, horse riding clubs, etc.

Underground Electricity, Gas, and Water Provision

LSC, with underground electricity, gas, and water provision facilities, will ensure to the reduction of load shedding, power shortages, supply of water, and gas issues in the housing society. Improvement of all these necessities in the LSC will also help the business to grow well without any hurdles.

The LSC will have an underground electricity system backed up with generators to keep the power on. The developers will provide its residents with an uninterrupted water and gas flow. The Sui gas supply will remain stable during the cold season, and the water supply will be debris-free and drinkable.

Security Facilities

LSC always want the best for its residents; therefore, they have to ensure to provide 24/7 security facilities with high-tech security measures. Moreover, the security includes technological security and a dedicated group of security officials who will resolve unwanted occurrences or incidents.

CCTV cameras and high-tech video surveillance systems are installed throughout the housing venture to monitor all activities to ensure a secure environment. The tight security is one of the best abroad-like luxurious facilities in Lahore Smart City.

Modern Infrastructure

The housing scheme will develop one of the city’s most advanced and modern infrastructures. All the roads are wide and clean; residents can use them for walking, running, and driving. Moreover, the roads are amazingly constructed, so traffic or overcrowding should easily be avoided.

Beautiful Parks

The LSC park includes several small and large parks. The parks have many green spaces; therefore, walking and sitting in the park provides the residents with the best relaxing environment. The lush green environment is a very attractive feature of this housing project.


The Mosques matter the most to Muslims. Therefore, the developers of the residential development will develop grand mosques and sector mosques to meet the religious requirements of the people.

Availability of Banks and ATMs

The Lahore Smart City will have several banks and ATMs all around the society. The residents will easily access them at any time. So, investing in this project is the best option for overseas Pakistanis who prefer digitalization and online banking.


The housing society developers have guaranteed to develop a fool-proof and secure transportation framework for the convenience of its esteemed residents. Therefore, they are developing a suitable transportation structure for car users, residents on foot, and cyclists.

Shopping Malls

As the Lahore Smart City is a huge project, the shopping malls will increase its importance even more. The developers are going to deliver the best commercial property for investment. Moreover, high-standard restaurants will also be a part of this project to offer hygienic and delicious foods.


Abroad-like luxurious facilities in Lahore Smart City will surely provide the residents with exceptional living standards. LSC’s architectural level, luxurious lifestyle, state-of-art development, and elegant and smart designs make the housing project the best investment opportunity.

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