A Complete Guide On How To Convert The PDF To PNG

 PDF is a highly useful document used extensively in professional setups. But there may be times you may not need a PDF and instead need a PNG format of the same file. Thus, you can choose to convert PDF to PNG. You will need a good PDF-to-PNG converter tool to convert for this purpose.

Here, we will try and share everything that can be useful for you regarding the PDF to PNG conversion. Let’s jump to the details.

What is a PDF Document File?

PDF stands for Portable Document File. It is a file that is useful for handling printed documents. It helps users to search and view links within numerous pages.

The PDF format supports various media, including audio and video. It is a safe file format that can be accessed on several platforms.

The PDF is largely used for professional work, as it is very reliable and hard to mishandle.

What is a PNG Image File?

PNG stands for Portable Networks Graphics. It is useful for people who need high-quality images. PNG is a raster image; it means it makes the images based on the divided sections of pictures. These are all parts with different colors, which will help to create the entire image.

What are the reasons for converting PDF to PNG?

PDF and PNG are two completely different file formats. One of the major reasons why people choose to convert PDF to PNG is when the document has a picture or pictures that may be needed to edit or for use somewhere else.

PNG is the best quality picture format. Therefore, if you want a picture of the highest quality, you will need it in PNG format.

How to Convert PDF to PNG?

The best way to convert a PDF to a PNG is by using internet tools, though there are other ways as well.

Anyone can utilize internet-based tools because they are so simple to use. There are numerous applications accessible online that are helpful for converting PDF to PNG.

You can use online tools like ONEPDF to convert PDF to PNG. You won’t need to download any application. It supports 30 + formats and is powered by OCR technology. The ONEPDF is accurate and compatible with the majority of the platforms. Apart from it, the tool is fast and reliable as well.

The tool also allows you to convert many different format files easily and fast.

Here are some easy steps to change a PDF to a PNG file by using an online tool:

  1. Upload the PDF that you wish to convert to PNG
  2. Convert the PDF to PNG
  3. Download the File

Why Should You Choose ONEPDF?

Here are the reasons why you should choose ONEPDF to convert your PDF file to PNG.

1.    Free of cost

It is a next-gen PDF-to-PNG converter tool that allows you to convert PDF to PNG easily without any cost.

These days there are many converters out there, but ONEPDF is the best option if you want a tool that is good, free, and trustworthy.

2.    Platform Compatibility

This tool is compatible with almost all the major Operating systems, such as MAC, Windows, and much more. Thus, a wide range of users can use this tool.

3.    Accurate

Now, you do not need to stress about the changing conversion format. The ONEPDF converter will help you maintain the original document’s formatting.


    1.          Can you convert the PDF to PNG online for free?

Yes, it is possible to convert the PDF to PNG online for free. You have to choose a free PDF to PNG converter tool, and you can do this process for free.

    2.          Is it safe to convert PDF files online?

Yes, it is very safe to convert PDF files to PNG online.

    3.          What are the best places to use PNG files?

Graphics and online charts are the best places to use PNG files.

    4.          What is the resolution of the PDF image?

The default resolution of the PDF image is 300 DPI.

    5.          Can I edit a PNG file that is converted from the PDF?

Yes, you can do it by using an image editor.

Final Thoughts

Here, we conclude our blog on PDF to PNG conversion. And we would say that there are many reasons why you may find it necessary to convert a PDF to a PNG. A PDF to PNG converter tool is the best & easiest way to do this. However, make sure to select a good tool for it.

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