Décor moldings have been part of interior design for ages. These mouldings have continued to dominate interior décor in modern times. However, there have been changes in style, material variety, and technology. These changes have complicated the selection process because you now have hundreds of profiles. Mass production has also affected quality. That’s why caution is necessary when choosing premium décor mouldings. While at it, ensure that you check the following features.

1.      Material Quality

It’d be best to consider the material quality when choosing moulding for your interior décor. Doing so is essential because the material determines durability, longevity, and enhanced value. Choosing decorative architectural elements like MDF panel mouldings for walls would be best for indoor use. Such material is relatively resistant to moisture unless used in damp areas. In addition, the MDF comes in different thicknesses, giving you options depending on where you want to use it. Note that factoring in the environment is necessary when choosing MDF mouldings.

2.      Design Versatility

Design versatility is essential because you need versatile mouldings to fit your home’s style. Ensure you choose architectural moulding tailored to traditional, modern, or minimalistic design. While at it, inquire if the company offer bespoke mouldings which come with design precision and are easy to integrate into your design. Such mouldings will capture historical accuracy and reduce wastage through trial and error.

3.      Ease of Installation

Whether you are installing the mouldings as a DIY project or through a professional, considering the ease of installation is equally essential. Choosing moulding that is easy to install comes with time efficiency, saves cost, and leads to few mistakes. The end will also look neat and professional regardless of who worked on it. You can tell such mouldings through the description or the material they are made of. Those made from lightweight material are relatively easy to install. Checking the kind of tools required to install the mouldings can also help you determine ease of installation. The simpler the tools, the easier the installation.

4.      Aesthetic Appeal

The décor mouldings are visual focal points in a room. Therefore, you must consider aesthetic appeal during your selection process. To do so, you will start by considering the theme of your house, ensuring design cohesion. For instance, you will choose a  simplemoulding design for a minimalist space. The same applies to balance and proportion concerning the size of the room. You must also ensure that the design aligns with the outcome you have in mind.

5.      Colour and Finish

Consider the colour and finish for style enhancement and aesthetic harmony. Considering this factor will guide you in choosing architectural elements like MDF panel mouldings for walls, which come with smooth surfaces, adhere to paint, and are customizable. This feature makes such moulding efficient because you can easily achieve the desired outcome.

Choosing suitable premium décor moulding is essential for design cohesion. Unfortunately, doing so isn’t easy, especially if you are new to the selection. That’s why using the information you have read here would be best. Do so for the best outcome in your home improvement project.


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